November 8, 2019 Spanish


Verb components: Using examples Hablar 

a) the stem: The first portions, such as Habl 

b) infinitive ending: the last two letters of the verb such as ar 

c) Verbs are usually conjugated by removing the infinitive ending and applying a new ending, corresponding to a certain set of rules already explained. 

Lets practice with a few verbs with ar ending. For example: 

Hablar, cantar, bailar, actuar, caminar, escuchar, estudiar using the conjugations for each verb according to the person applied. 

For homework, bring the seven verbs in a a looseleaf sheet with all 7 verbs in conjugation with each person. 


  1. Yo hablo    2. Tu hablas.   3. Usted habla    4. El habla.     5. Ella habla.     6. Nosotros hablamos.   7. Nosotras hablamos

Please choose a few more Spanish verbs in ar ending to practice and be prepared for Spanish test next week. 

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November 2, 2019

Music Test: Study and memorize all 7 conjugations in each tense. You should be able to:  a) identify which person, for example, 1st, 2nd, etc. b) identify if the verb is singular or plural c)  be able to tell if it is a female or male pronoun. 


ELA-workbook page 6 critical vocabulary #1-8, define each vocabulary word in your notebook. Read pages 7, 8,9,10. Find again and again, aha moment, contrast, contradictions: underline and label 

Math- finish up to #24, skip #19 

Cover your books 

Parent meeting tomorrow night. You must attend. 

You should have all your supplies if you do not already.