Welcome To Mrs Green’s Computer Class


Hello SLCA Families,

My name is Ms. Green and I have been teaching at St. Leo Catholic Academy since October 2019. I have a background in administration, design, marketing and website management.  I am re-entering the world of teaching and am looking forward to working with your bright scholars. Your children are ready and eager to learn everyday and that makes my job enjoyable! Here are just a few topics that will be covering for the 2020-2021 school year.


Coding is the ability to read and write a machine language as well as to think computationally.  Learning to code develops problem-solving skills, (digital) confidence, and helps young people understand the world around them. 

Coding also helps our students visualize abstract concepts, allows them to apply math to real-world- situations, and makes learning math both entertaining and creative! Students who code understand the value of strategy and planning which also results in better writing skills. Here is a video about how coding affects the world around us and how coding can be influential in your child’s life. 



In this digital world, learning word processing, presentation and data skills can be very useful. Google Tools are a great way to learn these skills. These tools have amazing benefits for classroom learning and engagement.

Developing these online classroom skills will help our students not only transition into high school, but also into college as we move into a more digitally equipped world.  Not to mention, being able to work and save projects on our computers, proves to be environmentally friendly with little to no paper waste in the classroom. 


Graphic design is the art of combining text and pictures for artwork, advertisements, publications, or websites. The aim of graphics is to brand, inform, and have a specific effect on its audience.

Graphic design incorporates problem solving and communication in visual form. Design is a way to help communicate ideas through storytelling and visual cues.

This school year we will be exploring basic graphic design skills. Students will be using a variety of design platforms to work on assigned projects. 


This year we will also be practicing expanding our student’s math, language, science and typing skills through our weekly exploration of a number of different learning websites. These websites are tailored to help children learn through online games. 

I will list below a few that we will be working on and that can also be accessed at home. I encourage you to allow your children to explore these websites after they have completed their homework or even on the weekend as a fun way to continue education at home. Some of them even have free apps that you can download on your phone or tablet for learning-on-the-go.