P-3 Christine Emigholz

Enjoy the week off! Classes resume Monday Feb. 25th


 Unit of Study

 This month our Pre-K for All unit of study focuses on sources of LIGHT. 

Our Essential Question: How and Why Do We Use Different Kinds of Light?

The students will learn:  

*There are many types of lights in our homes and our cities.                       

*Light helps us to see and also stay warm.   

*Light helps plants grow.

*When there is little and no light it is dark.

*Shadows appear when an object blocks the light.                                                          

Fun books we will be reading this month:

Round Trip by Ann Jonas.

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? by Martin Waddell

All About Light

Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Asch

Draw Me A Star by Eric Carle

Flashlight by Liz Boyd


*Please check folder every day for reminders and notices.

*Return washed sheets and blankets on Mondays.

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