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Hi! My name is Ms. Amaya and I will be your teacher this year.  Welcome to our Pre-K For All: Pre-K2! Here we will learn and have fun together. I will share our PreK adventures here for you to enjoy and see what your child is learning about.  I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing this coming school year with your child.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Ms. Amaya y seré su maestra este año. Bienvenido a nuestro Pre-K para Todos: ¡Pre-K2! Aquí aprenderemos y nos divertiremos juntos. Compartiré nuestras aventuras aquí para que disfrutes y veas lo que tu hijo está aprendiendo. Estoy ansioso por conocerlo y compartir este año escolar con su hijo.





 This month our Pre-K for All unit of study focuses on sources of LIGHT. 

Our Essential Question: How and Why Do We Use Different Kinds of Light?

The students will learn:  

*There are many types of lights in our homes and our cities.                       

*Light helps us to see and also stay warm.   

*Light helps plants grow.

*When there is little and no light it is dark.

*Shadows appear when an object blocks the light.                                                          

Fun books we will be reading this month:

Round Trip by Ann Jonas.

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? by Martin Waddell

All About Light

Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Asch

Draw Me A Star by Eric Carle

Flashlight by Liz Boyd

Please feel free to take a trip to your nearest library and enjoy these and other books .


*Please check folder every day for reminders and notices.

*Return washed sheets and blankets on Mondays.

*Please be on time for drop off 8:30am and pick up at 2:50pm.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Sebastian Reyes!!   




This past month our theme was TRANSPORTATION.  Within our center we took a deeper look into the different types of transportation around us and the people who steer them.  Some of the things we did: In the math center we used transportation counters to practice patterns and used shapes to create our own kind of transportation.  In science we took recyclable items and created our very own vehicles.  In our blocks area we created a special train track for our trains to travel and roads for all our transportation vehicles to travel on.  In art we introduced the children to Monet paintings of different kinds of boats and had the children create their boat painting.

We are looking forward to our next theme: LIGHT!


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