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Mrs. Ladisa                Pre-K 1


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  Theme:  Water                              

  Essential Question:  What does water do?

  Domain 5: Cognition and Knowledge of the World

  PK.CKW.6: Acquires knowledge about the physical 

  properties of the world.

Foundational Texts:                        Supporting Texts:

        Water Dance                                Snow

         Rain!                                            Swimmy

         Float                                            It Looks Like Spilt Milk             

         Water Can Be…                         Clouds                


 March’s Theme is ” Water. “

          The students will learn about:


  •  Water is all around us.
  •  Some things float in water and some things sink.
  •  Some things change when you put them in water.
  •  All living things need water.
  •  Plants need water to grow.
  •   There are 3 states of matter:  solid, liquid, and gas.


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