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Check out the St. Leo Catholic Academy January calendar.

Happy New Year!


Thank you for the gifts

And more thanks for the thoughts

The greatest thing I can thank you for

is for all the joy you brought!

Thank you!

Important Dates:

  • January 6 – First Day back from Christmas break

  • January 17 – School Closed

  • January 20 – Martin Luther King Day – School Closed

  • January 27 – 31 – Catholic School Week

  • January 31 – Half Day


The Letter of the week is: H

H is for Hat

H is for Heart

H is for Happy



We are learning about how to recognize and count numbers – 4, 5, 6! 

Practice counting different objects.



Let’s learn about the Snow! Brrr!

 and Animal Hibernation!


Thank you for your continued cooperation!

Welcome Nursery Families! (please click on link)

Nursery Helpful Information Letter! (please click on link)


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