March 5, 2019

Math-finish all of page 145 

For #24) Show all the work for all of these answers: 

A) 2008-2009 percent decrease 

b) 2008-2009 amount of change 

c) 2010-2011 percent decrease 

d) 2010-2011 amount of change 

e) compare percent decrease 

f) compare amount of change 

Math test on Thursday on percent increase, decrease, change 

Religion-bring papers about Confirmation to your parents, tell them to call the Religious Education office as soon as possible, 718-699-8565 

Religion class-two paragraphs on ways to be a saint 

Science-labels worksheets and supermarket scavenger hunt due Thursday, make sure to bring in a flyer with it 

ELA-journals are going to be collected tomorrow and AR is due on Thursday