March 13, 2019

Math questions for grade 8

page 256 

#8) Bryce spent $5.26 on some apples priced at $0.64 each and some pears priced at $o.45 each. At another store he could have bought the same number of apples at $0.32 each and the same number of pears at $0.39 each, for a total cost of $3.62. How many apples and how many pears did Bryce buy?

page 258

#13) A farm stand sells apple pies and jars of applesauce. The table shows the number of apples needed to make a pie and a jar of applesauce. Yesterday, the farm picked 169 Granny Smith apples and 95 Red Delicious apples. How many pies and jars of applesauce can the farm make if every apple  is used?

Needed for a pie: 5 Granny Smith and 3 Red Delicious

Needed for a jar of applesauce: 4 Granny Smith and 2 Red Delicious