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Dear Parents, 

In September, Students were learning how to: dicuss their feelings, share, get along, make friends, how to play, write their names the correct way, School Rules, Fire drill Rules, and Rug Rules, Daily routine, daily schedule, identifying letters A-F, site words I, see, is, the, can, etc., rules of how to write a simple sentence (spaces between words, etc., Identify and understand numbers 1-5. 

Our theme for the month of October will be “Learning all about Apples” (parts of an apple, different colors apples can be, where they come from, life cycle of an apple (Science) what foods we can make with apples, etc).

SOCIAL STUDIES: They will also learn about the Season of Fall (the activities we do, clothes we wear, etc). We will also discuss October holidays like Columbus Day and Halloween. 

HOMEWORK: Besides math and ELA homework that is given daily, there is also poetry 2 times a week. I am sending a different poem attached to their marble notebooks every Wednesday and Friday.  Parents are to read and discuss these poems with their child, and the child will then draw or write about that poem.

MATH: We are learning to count from 1-5, identify these numbers,  and ways to make 5. We are sending the children with 5 cubes (in a ziploc bag) daily, to help them with their homework. Please make sure they return them to school ever day, so they can use in the classroom as well.

RELIGION: We are discussing how grateful we are to have God in our lives, and express themselves through drawings and writing to show the beautiful things God made for us. 

Just a friendly reminder: Fall Walkathon will be on October 11th, which will also be a half day for the students. 

If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact me through my gmail or call the school and leave a message on my voicemail. Thank you for all your support, and have a wonderful day!

Mrs Davis.







January K-1 News Letter Update

Posted on January 16, 2020

Happy New Year Parents!

First, let me start off by telling you that your children have come a long way from September till now!

I am very proud of them! Thank you for all your support! The following are updated events that you need to know that will be going on for the month of  January:

Catholic Schools Week: Catholic Schools Week will begin on the week of January 27th (Monday). 

Monday 1/27: Parent Visiting Day- Parents may visit the classes on this day between 10:15 and 11:00. We will also have Mass at 9 am to celebrate this week.

Tuesday 1/28: Sports Day /Blue and Gold Day- Each class will be given a color to wear and participate in a sports activity. K- 1 ‘s color is GOLD. They will also get ice cream on this day!

Wednesday 1/29: Service Day- Each class will present a service project, which we will be begin working on next week. I will keep you posted as to which one we as a class decided to do.

Thursday 1/30: Career Day- Parents or other members of your family can visit a class and make a presentation that represents a career they chose and currently have.

Friday 1/31: Teacher Appreciation Day- All students have half a day. Dismissal will be at 12 pm. It is also Pajama Day. The children can come dressed with their favorite pajamas.

ELA/ Writing/Phonics: K- 1 has already reviewed letters A through W, and are already beginning to write sentences! Please go over the rules of writing sentences (period at the end, capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and space between each word). I also introduced nouns and verbs.

Math– They are up to Chapter 5 on Addition. A letter was sent home on how you can help your child with this chapter. 

SS: They learned a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and did many activities on this famous hero. 

Science: We discussed the Season of Winter. We will also be going over germs, how they can affect our health, and the ways we can avoid germs and getting sick. Please go over this topic with them at home as well. 

Again, Thank you for all your support, and enjoy your 4 day weekend!

Mrs. Davis


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