Important Notice for K-1

Dear Parents,

There was a letter sent out today about the school being closed for all of next week (March 16th- March 20th), for safety reasons on what is currently happening now. For this reason, I have sent home the following work for the students to complete with your guidance of course:

  • ELA–  a book baggy with books for them to read at their level (please make sure they are returned to the school). 
  • A Reading log worksheet for you, the parent to fill out.
  • A response activity worksheet for them to complete ( please help them with this paper).
  • MATH– A review packet of Lessons 7.1 – 7.6 was put in their folders to complete (please read the directions to them so they know what they have to do for each worksheet).
  • SOCIAL STUDIES- A leprechaun story was given out. Please have them practice reading it, and discussing it with you.
  • RELIGION– a reading booklet was sent out for you the parent to read to them about St. John  Basco.  Please read them this story, and them complete the activities on the religion worksheeet (pg’s 169 and 170). Thank you for your patience and all your support. I will keep you posted on any new updates. Have a great weekend!