Homework Oct.5,2017

1.Math p.97 and 98

2.Reading Log

3.Spelling-Write Memory Words 11-12 and Pattern Words

   1-5 3x each and use each word in a sentence

4.Early Dismissal-12 Noon-Bring a snack

5.Study for Religion Test Chapter 1-Study notes in M/R


Memory Words-

1.are  2.have  3.be  4.there  5.do  6.here  7.who  8.were

9.what  10.where   11.how  12.why

Pattern Words-

1.that      2.thank    3.thin  4.think  5.the   6.this

7.bath     8.path      9.math  10.cloth    11.moth  12.with  13.fifth

14.whip   15.whisk   16.whiff