Homework-May 29, 2018

Read-workbook Pg. 31

Spelling- ABC Order

Social Studies- Test tomorrow.

Social Studies Review

      (The test will be on “Landforms”)

                     Test is on Wed.May 30th, 2018

* The test will include true/false statements, fill in the blanks, label the picture and multiple choice.

*Study the facts on landforms.

      *The highest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas. Some   mountains  

are found under the sea and could be taller than the Mount Everest, which is the highest mountain peak in the world.

                            Types of Mountains

                              1.Volcanic mountain

  1. Fold mountains
  2. Block mountains


  • Melting snow from the snow capped mountains fills the rivers and they are   

       a source of water.

  • They make beautiful tourist destinations.
  • Narrow valleys are called canyons.
  • The continent of Australia is an island.
  • There are two types of deserts –
  1. Hot Deserts

             -As the name suggests, hot deserts are vast areas of land that are covered  

               with sand and dust.

         -These areas receive little or no rainfall and are very dry.

          -The animals found in the hot deserts are camels, snakes, lizards and rats

          -Thar Desert in India is a hot desert.

  1. Cold Deserts.

                              -The cold deserts are large areas of land covered with snow. These deserts  

                                receive little or no rainfall.

                             -They receive snowfall during the winters.

                             -Animals such as penguins, whales and fur seals survive in the cold deserts.

                             -The Antarctica is the world’s biggest cold desert.

                             -Life in these cold deserts is impossible.

                             -There are some rocky deserts like the Gobi desert in Asia.

* Camels are called the ship of the desert as they carry people and their loads    

   from one place to another.


Memorize the following vocabulary words (You may also use you Landform Dictionaries)


  1. archipelagoa large groups of chain islands.
  2. beachan area of sand or pebbles along the shore.
  3. canyona deep valley with steep sides, often with a stream

                   running through it.

  1. cavean opening in the earth, typically in a hill or mountain.
  2. glaciera large mass of ice, formed from falling snow, and

                   descending slowly down a mountain.

  1. grasslandland with grass growing on it, such as a pasture or


7.hillsa mound of earth smaller than a mountain.

8.islandan area of land completely surrounded by water.

9.lakea larger body of water surrounded by land.

  1. mountainsa large mound of earth, usually larger than

                          2,000 feet.

  1. plateau– an area of raised land with a level surface.
  2. pond– a small body of water, sometimes man-made.
  3. river– a large stream of water flowing in a certain course.
  4. valley– a long area of land between two mountains.
  5. volcano– a mountain with a crater at the top through which lava

                   or ash can flow through.

  1. waterfall- a steep flow of water from a great height.


*Also please memorize the following landforms as you may have to draw them on your exam.

Hills, mountains, river, valley, volcano, plateau, lake, ocean

Creative Wr.-Complete story page.

Spelling Words for the Week of May 28, 2018

  1. disingenuous                      11. inflate
  2. haughty                               12. children
  3. ate                                        13. fruits
  4. fate                                       14. summertime
  5. gate                                      15. singing
  6. hate                                      16. playing
  7. mate                                     17. air conditioner
  8. Nate                                     18. ice water
  9. state                                     19. sweaty
  10. imitate                                 20. shorts

* procrastinate

  • audacious