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Dear Parents of Class 1-1

We are trying our best to communicate with our families.

I emailed all our parents in my class if you didn’t receive an email please contact me via my school email.

God Bless,Mrs. Fernandez

I hope everyone is well.

If any child has books in school,please pick up today.

Queridos Padres,

Esperando todos esten bien.

Si su hijo/a tienen libros en la escuela por favor pasar a recojer.

I will inform you today on how to login to Google classroom.

God Bless

Que Dios los Bendiga






Posted on October 15, 2019

Homework         Oct.15,2019

1.Math p.121 and 122

2.Reading-Know It ,Show It p.39

3.Scholastic News-Read p.1-4 Do p.4

4.reading Log

Big Idea Words

area     population     working

Power Words

community/ map/ town

places/ heart/ decorated

High Frequency Words

do/ live/ of/ our/ wants/ what /with/your

Spelling-Short O o words

log    not   top  hot  hop   on

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