January K-1 News Letter Update

Happy New Year Parents!

First, let me start off by telling you that your children have come a long way from September till now!

I am very proud of them! Thank you for all your support! The following are updated events that you need to know that will be going on for the month of  January:

Catholic Schools Week: Catholic Schools Week will begin on the week of January 27th (Monday). 

Monday 1/27: Parent Visiting Day- Parents may visit the classes on this day between 10:15 and 11:00. We will also have Mass at 9 am to celebrate this week.

Tuesday 1/28: Sports Day /Blue and Gold Day- Each class will be given a color to wear and participate in a sports activity. K- 1 ‘s color is GOLD. They will also get ice cream on this day!

Wednesday 1/29: Service Day- Each class will present a service project, which we will be begin working on next week. I will keep you posted as to which one we as a class decided to do.

Thursday 1/30: Career Day- Parents or other members of your family can visit a class and make a presentation that represents a career they chose and currently have.

Friday 1/31: Teacher Appreciation Day- All students have half a day. Dismissal will be at 12 pm. It is also Pajama Day. The children can come dressed with their favorite pajamas.

ELA/ Writing/Phonics: K- 1 has already reviewed letters A through W, and are already beginning to write sentences! Please go over the rules of writing sentences (period at the end, capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and space between each word). I also introduced nouns and verbs.

Math– They are up to Chapter 5 on Addition. A letter was sent home on how you can help your child with this chapter. 

SS: They learned a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and did many activities on this famous hero. 

Science: We discussed the Season of Winter. We will also be going over germs, how they can affect our health, and the ways we can avoid germs and getting sick. Please go over this topic with them at home as well. 

Again, Thank you for all your support, and enjoy your 4 day weekend!

Mrs. Davis


6-1 Homework 12/6/19

Science- do homework posted on Google Classroom

Math- do homework on Google Classroom that will be posted by this evening
Study for test next week.

6-1 Homework 10/22/19

Social Studies- Finish two questions on worksheet (if you didn’t). Get quiz signed.

Religion- Do activity at the bottom of page 47.

ELA- Study page 60 on HMH website or in your book for quiz on Thursday. Brainstorm for your topic tomorrow. You can change your topic if you want, but you need to have it ready for tomorrow. 

Math- Get all 4 tests signed. 

Homework: June 10

1. Spelling Menu
2. Math – p.413 and 414
3. Reading log
4. Trip tomorrow – wear gym clothes and bring a snack.

Spelling Words for Week of June 10

1. mislead
2. dismiss
3. insincere
4. unable
5. indirect
6. mistreat
7. disaster
8. dishonest
9. insecure
10. unknown
11. incomplete
12. incomplete
13. unstable
14. misspell
15. disagree
16. informal
17. discover
18. unwise
19. mislaid
20. disgrace

Welcome May!

Check out the St. Leo Catholic Academy May calendar.

Happy Mother’s Day!

For all you do, you do with love

you are so special, a gift from above

and with all my heart, I want to say

I love you Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!


We welcome back all of the SuperKids we this school year – from Cass to Hot Rod. Kindergarten children will be learning the beginning and middle sound of /u/ and continue to practice beginning and middle sound of the letters /c/ /d/ /f/ /g/ /l/ /t/. Kindergarten will also continue to practice to sound out and write out words that have the short vowel sounds of /a/ /e/ /i/ /o/ and /u/. Practice sounding out simple words that include these letter sounds. Try sounding out words such as “us”, “up”, “under”, “cut”, “pup”, and “hut”. Kindergarten children are doing a great job of encoding and decoding sounds to letters.

Parents, you have access to this wonderful program and should have received an email from SuperKids that will help you to get started. This is a great early childhood reading program and we are excited about having it as part of our Kindergarten Curriculum. Remember to review the letter sounds at home that the children are learning in class.


In Go Math we are working on Subtraction!  The children are learning to write and use subtraction sentences up to 10. This is a great introduction to understanding what subtraction means by using pictures to support learning. 



Kindergarten on the Road!

Beauty and the Beast – The children experienced a live off Broadway show in New York City!

Spring Walk-A-Thon – Our Spring Walk-a-thon was a huge success! 

Green Meadow Farms – The children will get a chance to explore animals in their habitat!



Our Starfall.com program is also another wonderful resource to enhance our learning skills in Math and Reading. It is important to reinforce all the classroom topics at home with your child. Please make sure children are doing their homework, this a great way to review all of our classroom topics.



We are learning about Butterflies and Plants!  Children are learning about metamorphosis and how caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies. We are also learning about different plants and how they grow from seeds.



May is the month of our Blessed Mother, Mary!

Children are learning the Hail Mary and how to pray the Rosary.  We also visited her beautiful statue. 

Hard to believe our Kindergarten school year is almost over. Look out for information about Kindergarten graduation which will take place in June.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me!

Remember to always check your child’s folder and return it each day. 



5-1 Ms. JoAnn Lisciandro

April 15, 2009

  1. Math – Triangular Prism due April 30
  2. Science – test tomorrow – study B 68, 70 and 71
  3. Reading log
  4. Dismissal on Wednesday will be at 11:30

Class 5-1 Homework for April 12

  1. Spelling test Monday
  2. Science test Tuesday – study p. B 68, 70 and 71
  3. Reading log
  4. Please bring a dictionary to school everyday.
  5. Reminder – This Wed., April 17 dismissal will be at 11:30.

8-1 Homework 4/10/19

Math- Go Math pg.268 and 720 up to number 20

Science finish worksheet 

Lit- read AR book and sign AR sheet