Last week we wrapped up our first unit of study, Welcome to Pre-K.  This unit has taught us what we will be learning in Pre-K, what each one of them will bring to the classroom, and who are the people in the classroom and school community.  Throughout the unit during the month of September, the class engaged in discussions, participated in hands on activities, and read various books to help us adjust to our new school environment.  The children also learned about Emotions and how to identify and deal with them as well.  

This week we started our new unit – MY FIVE SENSES!  We will also talk about the different Seasons especially AUTUMN ( FALL ).  The children were excited because they went on their first FALL WALK.

  1. Our FAll Walk


Pre-K 1 went on their first Fall Walk. We had a great time. We learned about all the safety rules we need to follow when we take our neighborhood walks. We used the Hold a Ring Walking Rope and we were able to stick together as a class. We met the crossing guard by our school and she also told us to keep safe!


Pre-K 1 is adjusting nicely.  We are reviewing our classroom rules and routines.

Last week, we discussed as a class what each of the children can bring to the classroom community.

We are learning to care, share, and work together as a TEAM!  

PRE-K 1 is lots of FUN!