Our Theme for the month of January: TRANSPORTATION.

Essential Question: How does my community use various modes of transportation.

Student Goals:

  • We use transportation to get to Pre-K.

  • We use different types of transportation for different reasons.

  • Vehicles move in different ways.

  • Some vehicles are operated by community helpers such as: bus drivers, conductors, firefighters, police officers, and mail carriers.

  • There are many ways to stay safe when using transportation.

  • We will become familiar with the different street signs in our areas.

Enjoy our song:


Our Unit of Study for the month of DECEMBER is: Where we live.

The children will be learning about how important our HOMES are to us.  Animals and people have many different types of homes.  Some animals live with people.  People and animals build homes.  The children will have the opportunity to explore the different types of homes that people in our city (NYC) live in.  We will also compare the difference between a house and an apartment.   


Our new theme for the month of NOVEMBER is ALL ABOUT US.

Week One of our unit, we will be focusing on: I am unique; there is no one who looks, feels, thinks and acts exactly like I do.

Here is the link to one of our favorite songs this week: