Art-project due tomorrow or it is ten points off 

Math-finish the whole packet 

Science-Pangaea workbook and questions from the packet are overdue, workbook pages 19-21 due tomorrow 

Religion-be ready to answer the question: What are you going to give up for Lent?



February 14, 2020

Science and Math-check google classroom 

ELA-start the project 


Computer-send the project by Sunday 

Have a safe and wonderful vacation!! 


8th grade HW: February 13, 2020

Science-bring in workbook pages tomorrow if you did not hand it in, map of Pangaea due tomorrow, Pangaea due 15th online, check google classroom  


ELA-bring a book in of your project, check google classroom 

Dress down tomorrow for food pantry 

Candygrams if you are interested are due tomorrow morning 

Yearbook meets tomorrow 

Grade 8 HW: February 12, 2020

Science-pages to be collected tomorrow 

Math-finish the worksheet to be collected during DEAR,

test tomorrow 

Music-test tomorrow


ELA-book due by Friday 


8th grade HW: February 11, 2020

Math-finish homework (cell phone and spider); test on Thursday

Science-Pangaea is due the 15th by 6pm, workbook pages due on Thursday 

ELA-finish #1-4 

Spanish-test tomorrow 

Music-test Thursday 



8th grade HW: February 10, 2020

Math-finish worksheet, quiz on Wednesday  

Science-check Google Classroom, bring home workbook, due Thursday  

SS-log into HMH 

ELA-read scene 5 pages 450-460 (answer #1 to 4 on looseleaf on page 462) 

Computer-HW overdue 

Spanish-test Wednesday 

Music-test Thursday 

Bring in donations 

Bring in money for candy grams (optional)  

Bring in yearbook ads 

Bring in pictures for the yearbook 

St. Judes-bring in envelope if you want to participate. 

Chocolate money is overdue. 


8th grade HW: February 7, 2020



Religion-test Monday 

ELA-pick your three people 

Computer-HW due Sunday 

Science-check google classroom for dates and HW, bring your workbook  



Yearbook-bring in pictures 

AR due 

Bring in donations for the homeless. 


8th grade HW: January 3, 2020

Crazy hat day tomorrow

Math-finish Part I, II, the odd numbers on Part III, and Part IV

Religion-test Friday 

Bring in pictures for the Yearbook 

Spanish-HW, test this week 


Music-HW, study orchestra 

ELA-readworks and practice the play 

Bring in donations for the homeless


8th grade HW: January 31, 2020

SS-project due this upcoming Wednesday 

Spanish-HW and test next week 

Music-study the orchestra for the 13th

Art-HW due Monday or in email by Monday 


Science-finish the coloring side of the worksheet 

Drama club-check google classroom for the first song and study it, join if you haven’t at 7ahu4rq

Spirit week: $10 for the whole week. Monday is Twin day. 


Bring in soap, deodorant, or toothbrushes and toothpaste 



8th grade HW: January 30, 2020

Pajama day tomorrow

SS- project due next Wednesday 

Spanish-family tree is due; test next week 

Computer-HW for the second group 

Music-HW if you didn’t do it 

Next Week dress downs $10 


Get slips signed