January 11, 2020


Please join the classroom page named “Yearbook” code: jurasse. 

Please bring in ads for the yearbook as soon as possible. They are due on the 17th. 

Bring in baby pictures. Also, email me and Ms. Green any pics you like of you and your classmates throughout the years at St. Leo. 


Drama Club:

Please be ready to sing “Happy Birthday, Peace be with you, or God Bless America” for your audition. 

Please bring in all permission slips by Monday. 

January 10, 2020

Science-check google classroom for what to study for your test on Wednesday

ELA-google classroom 

Art-HW for Tuesdays group 




SS- page 52  #1,2,3 all parts 

Math-quiz tomorrow and pages one and two of the packet 

ELA-google classroom 



Art-HW for Tuesday group 

Yearbook meets tomorrow 


January 8, 2020

Math-finish the packet from class and the first page of the new packet; quiz on solving systems of equations on Friday 


Art-paragraph on Van Gogh and trace your sheet  (Tuesday group)

Tolerance-HW due 

Spanish-HW page 137, 138, 139 

ELA-finish the packet and grammar worksheet 

January 7, 2020

Religion-test tomorrow 

SS-test signed 

Art- HW 



Yearbook permission slips if you were asked to be on the committee. 

Math-first three pages 


Student council speeches tomorrow for 7th and 8th grade. 

Drama permission slips.

January 6, 2020

Math-finish the four questions on loose leaf. One of your do nows will be graded this week on solving systems of equations. 

  1.             2x + 5y =8 and -x + 3y =7      
  2.            2x + y = 1 and -3x + 5y = -8                        
  3.             4x + y = 8 and 2x + 3y = 6
  4.               x + 3y =8 and 2x – 5y = -6 

Science-study the notes for a test on Metamorphic Rocks next week; work on your lab

SS-get test signed 

ELA-test tomorrow on “OK for now”

ELA-check google classroom 

Bring in permission slips for yearbook if you have one. 

Ads for yearbook are due on January 17th. Further explanation tomorrow. 

Religion-test Wednesday 




December 31, 2019

Hello everyone! Wishing a Happy and safe New Year to you, your families, and friends! I just wanted to post the HW as a reminder. Have a great rest of the week off! 


ELA-Readworks overdue, Packet overdue, answer questions on Google 

Art-HW overdue 

Science-answer the questions on the handout and on Google classroom 

Yearbook-bring in permission slips and baby pictures. 

Student council-prepare your speeches. 


Math-evens #2,4,6,8,10,12

ELA-3 questions on google classroom 

Science-finish the lab questions over the break



Math-finish #1-6 on loose leaf 

ELa-connection to Doug and the bird 


ELA-Make up three questions through Chapter 7