8th grade HW: January 24, 2020

Math-HW first worksheet and the front of the second worksheet 

Science-booklet and worksheets due on Tuesday 

ELA-worksheet and the packet 

SS-test Thursday 





Volleyball game, wear your gym uniform 

Yearbook votes due on Monday 





8th grade HW: January 23, 2020

Science-book and worksheet due on Tuesday

ELA-sign the sheet and google classroom 

Dress down tomorrow for $2 

Spanish-family tree on loose leaf 


Tolerance- HW 

SS-test next week 


Bring in baby pictures and school age pictures with your classmates 

Yearbook meets tomorrow, bring a snack 

Bring in yearbook ads 




8th grade HW: January 22, 2020

Math-test tomorrow! 

SS-HW page 57 #1 and 2 all parts 

ELA-google classroom, one paragraph on the “dream”  

Science-booklet and packet due Tuesday

Spanish-write you family tree in Spanish 

Yearbook-ads, handout, and pictures..handout is due on Monday


8th grade HW: January 21, 2020

Math-test Thursday, finish the worksheet  

Science-booklet due on Tuesday

 ELA-worksheet and check google classroom 

Bring in school pictures and baby pictures 

Bring in ads for the yearbook 

8th grade is wearing gold or yellow for Blue and Gold day

8th grade Science

Test tomorrow in Science. Make sure to study the whole study sheet posted online last week.

Pay close attention to #4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 if they confuse you. 


Science-test Tuesday 

Math-study for test on Thursday 

Bring in pictures 

Fill out the google classroom form on Yearbook 

ELA-google classroom 

Dress down on Tuesday for Food Pantry 




Enjoy the weekend! 


Science-test Tuesday 

ELA-google Classroom 

Math-finish the worksheet #1-6 (maria and cheryl)

Bring in yearbook ads and $  

                                     Picture Day Tomorrow:

Gentlemen-wear a WHITE button down shirt and tie, with pants and shoes 

Girls-full uniform 

Bring in picture money in if you haven’t. 



January 14, 2020

Math-finish the packet and the first side of the handout 

Science-test on Thursday, study 

ELA-check Google classroom, bring Of Mice and Men 

Drama club-join Google classroom 7ahu4rq 

Picture money overdue

Ad money overdue 

Finish the yearbook survey  

Art-finish HW 

Spanish-finish HW 



January 13, 2020

Please ONLY join if you are in Drama Club. Thanks! Drama Club Google Classroom: 7ahu4rq 

January 13, 2020

Science-test Thursday 

ELA-HW due tomorrow , two worksheets  

Graduation picture money due



Religion-get test signed, definitions  

Drama club permission slips 

Graduation ads are due

Complete the form on the Yearbook Google Classroom by Friday 

Yearbook is not meeting this Friday, there is no school. 

Bring in your baby pictures and school pictures.