ELA-workbook page 6 critical vocabulary #1-8, define each vocabulary word in your notebook. Read pages 7, 8,9,10. Find again and again, aha moment, contrast, contradictions: underline and label 

Math- finish up to #24, skip #19 

Cover your books 

Parent meeting tomorrow night. You must attend. 

You should have all your supplies if you do not already. 


Please have all supplies and full uniform by Monday. 

Please visit the following websites and familiarize yourself with it. 




ELA-finish the worksheet 

Dress down tomorrow. Please follow the school guidelines for dress down. 

June 11, 2019

Math-finish #1 

Lit-Outsiders test tomorrow 

SS-test on Civil War tomorrow

Religion-test on Thursday 

SS-finish the two paragraphs from the war

Father Hoppe’s card is overdue; we will finish it in class tomorrow 




June 10, 2019

Lit-Outsiders AR test is tomorrow 

SS-test tomorrow on the Civil War

SS-quiz on USA map 

Math-finish half of page two of the packet 

Finish the card to Fr. Hoppe if you are not done 

June 7, 2019

Math-project and page one of the packet due on Monday 

SS-paragraphs due, test on Tuesday 

AR-due on Wednesday, AR test on Outsiders on Tuesday 

Come support our school and your classmates at Annie Jr. 

June 6, 2019

Math-project and page one of the packet (show all work) due on Monday 

SS-test on Tuesday (Civil War), test on Wednesday (50 states) 

SS-writing assignment on someone of significance in the Civil War 

ELA-Outsiders test Tuesday, AR test on Outsiders on Tuesday as well, AR due Wednesday

Music test tomorrow  

Dress down tomorrow 

If you want tickets, bring in the money and slip tomorrow 


June 5, 2019

Math-project due on Friday 

SS-test on Monday, test on the 50 states  

Religion-write 5 things that you are thankful for 

Music/Spanish-study, finish the whole Spanish packet 



June 4, 2019

SS-page 538 #1a, b, c, 2a, test on Monday 

Math-project due on Thursday, 

Religion-5 paragraphs due tomorrow on the 5 finger prayer

Spanish final and music test this week