6-1 Homework 2/28/20

Math- Test next week

ELA- Check Google Classroom

Science- Potato questions due tomorrow before 6 pm

Social Studies- Get quiz signed

ART EXHIBIT TONIGHT at 6:30!! Please come if you can.

6-1 Homework 2/27/20

ELA- Check Google Classroom

Science- Potato questions due Feb. 29th by 6:00. Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt due March 3rd.

Math- test next week

6-1 Homework 2/26/20

Religion- Reflect on what you are going to do during Lent to grow closer to God. (Give something up/do something more/prayer?)

Math- finish the front of the worksheet. Test next week

Science- Test tomorrow. Do the potato questions by Saturday, Feb. 29 (before 6:00)

ELA- Finish your rough draft and copy it onto the good paper. Check Goggle Classroom

Social Studies- finish the classwork questions if you didn’t. (Page 90 1c, 2c, 2e)

6-1 Homework 2/25/20

Science- Potato questions due February 29th by 6:00. Worksheet due by March 3rd. Test Thursday.

Social Studies- log in to HMH, read the assignment, and complete the worksheet.

ELA- redo your paragraphs- due tomorrow/ Check Google classroom.

6-1 Homework 2/24/20

Math- finish the worksheets

Science- test on Thursday and the potato questions are due February 29th.

ELA- Bring the packet for tomorrow. Bring in the wax museum book tomorrow. Check Google Classroom.

Give the picture day form to your parents/guardians. Give the Family Fun Night letter to your parents/guardians.

6-1 Vacation Homework 2/14/20

ELA- if you haven’t shown Ms. Vargas your book. send her an e-mail showing it by 6 pm. If you don’t. it’s 10 points off.

Math- finish worksheet

Science- finish slides and share with Mrs. Filardo by 7 pm tomorrow, the 15th. Finish potato questions by the 29th.

6-1 Homework 2/13/20

ELA- Read Racing in the Rain chapters 50-54 and take notes. AR quiz tomorrow as a class. Check Google Classroom. Book due tomorrow. If you ordered it, send a picture through e-mail.

Math- Finish the front of the worksheet

Social Studies- Finish any questions we did in class if you didn’t. You can also fix or adjust any answers if you wish.

Science- project due Saturday by 7:00 the latest.

6-1 Homework 6/12/20

ELA- questions on Google classroom for Racing in the Rain

Math- Finish your worksheet 6,7,8

Science- workbook pages 37,38,and 39 due tomorrow
February 15th 6 pm proteins project due and check Google classroom for other due dates

social Studies- Finish the graphic organizer completely and be prepared to write a paragraph. Check your HMH login to be sure you know how.

6-1 Homework 2/11/20

ELA-summarize in one to two paragraphs about the last 11-12 pages you read if you didn’t finish and check google classroom

Math-Finish your worksheet if you didn’t and Test tomorrow

Science-Febuary 15th 6 pm protins project due and workbook pages 37,38,and 39 and finish potato questions

Religion finish questions 1-8 and 9-17

Spanish- Test tomorrow

6-1 Homework 2/10/20

Math- Finish the worksheet we did together in class and finish the front of the second worksheet and study for your test this Wednesday

Science-project on google slides due Febrary 15th finish your potato questions if you haven’t. Workbook pages 37-39 due Thursday.

ELA-Check google classroom