6-1 Homework

Math- finish the whole front of the worksheet and 1-9 in the back

ELA- Finish all classwork and study chapters 1-19 for test on Tuesday. Check Google Classroom

Religion-get test signed

Spanish- pages 65-68

Wear gym uniform on Monday

6-1 Homework 1/23/20

Science- 5 orbits project due tomorrow. Do 7 for extra credit.

Social studies- study for test tomorrow

Math- finish worksheet

ELA- finish packet chapter 22 questions. Quiz next Tuesday on chapters 1-19.

Spanish- workbook pages 65, 66, 67, 68

Dress down tomorrow for $2.00

6-1 Homework 1/22/20

Social Studies- Test Friday

Science- finish worksheet & five orbital pictures, do two more for extra credit! Everything due Friday!

ELA- finish packet questions and do the deinitions (words on Google classroom)
Bring in project supplies next week. Pop quiz

Spanish- workbook pages 65, 66, 67, 68. Write your family tree in Spanish

6-1 Homework 1/21/20

Religion- study for test tomorrow

ELA-packet due chapters 14-17

Math- test on algebraic expressions tomorrow. Finish worksheets

Spanish- workbook pages 65, 66, 67

Science- HW due Friday, and test next week

Social Studies- study for test on Friday

Bring in new socks, gloves/mittens, winter hats

6th grade additional reminders

Science-remember to check google classroom for your orbital diagrams due on Friday.  Also, your test is upcoming on the 31st. 

Spanish-HW from Ms. Loayza is pages 62, 63, 64. 

6-1 Homework 1/16/20

ELA Finish chapters 10, 11, 12 of Racing in the Rain

Math- Finish worksheet, test Wednesday

Religion- Test Wednesday

Social Studies- Back of worksheet on Google Classroom, Test Thursday

6-1 Homework 1/15/20

ELA- Do chapters 8 and 9 in the Racing in the Rain packet. Project due tomorrow.

Math-finish worksheets

Science- Periodic Table row one due tomorrow

Library- find HW on Google Classroom

Religion- Start studying for test on Tuesday.

Dress down tomorrow for a food pantry donation!

6-1 Homework 1/14/20

ELA- The Town Times due Thursday, Racing in the Rain novel guide chapters 1-7 due tomorrow

Religion- start researching an area affected by drought or famine and write a paragraph about it. Due Thursday.

Math- Finish math sheets. Test next Wednesday

Spanish- Finish pages 59, 60, 61 in packet

6-1 Homework 1/13/20

Math- finish worksheet and Finish Line pages 93-95
ELA- Do Princess Penelope first page and answer all the questions (Part A)
(The questions are on Google Classroom)