Please check all of your emails and google classrooms three to four times daily over next week. Sign up for remind for the latest updates. 

Spanish-translate the notes with stars to English 

Math-work on project, study for test. The project should be handed in the day we get back. 




Art-HW due tomorrow

Math-part 4 is overdue, finish line 49, 50, 51

SS-bring tests and letter to get signed 

Yearbook meets tomorrow 

Spanish-get test signed 

March 11, 2020

ELA-go to google classroom 

Religion-get test signed 

SS-get project signed 

Music-project due tomorrow 

Art-HW due 

Spanish-get test signed  

Yearbook meets this Friday 




Science-finish packet pages 

Math-finish part 3 and 4, due tomorrow 



Spanish-HW #1-4 

ELA-project due 

March 9, 2020

Science-packet pages 8,9,10,11,21,22,23

Math-complete the slope of all the lines; the project is due on March 17. 

ELA-go to google classroom, one minute script is due tomorrow 

Religion-test tomorrow

Yearbook votes, last chance tomorrow 


Music-project due this week 

ELA-project due this week 


8th grade March 5, 2020

Yearbook votes are due 

Yearbook permission slips are due 

Baby pictures 

Religion test on Monday 

ELA quiz on Monday

ELA wax museum project due March 12  

Art: 3 paragraphs due next week 

Science-finish textbook pages 

Math-finish part I, II, III; project due March 17 

Spanish-pages 1 to 4 due Wednesday 

Music-Orchestra draft is due 

SS-finish the front side of the worksheet 





ELA-finish the conclusion, go to Google classroom 

Science-due Monday , I will post the pages necessary on google classroom 

Math-finish part II (the coordinates) and half of part III (the slope), project is due on March 17

Music-bring your poster or trifold tomorrow 

Spanish-workbook page 1 to 4 

Yearbook meets tomorrow: bring in permission slip 

Yearbook votes due on Monday 

Religion-get your test signed 

Last day for ads next week  


Art-3 paragraphs due tomorrow about your person 

Science-finish coloring and the questions on pages 79-80

Religion-test next Monday 

Math-project due March 16, we will continue to work on it in class. 

ELA-finish #1-4 and the critical thinking and multiple choice, project due March 12, start it! 

Finish the cross 


8th grade HW: 2/28/2020

Tolerance: Reflect on the video 

ELA: Start project, finish #1 and 2 

Math-finish the graph and the part II: listing coordinates 

Please support the school and come to the Art exhibit tonight! 

Music-project draft due for Orchestra on Thursday 2/5/2020. Each student individually must make their own poster. The presentation can be done with a maximum of 4 students, or 1 to 4 students for presentation. Presentations and posters are due 3/12/2020.