Homework         Oct.15,2019

1.Math p.121 and 122

2.Reading-Know It ,Show It p.39

3.Scholastic News-Read p.1-4 Do p.4

4.reading Log

Big Idea Words

area     population     working

Power Words

community/ map/ town

places/ heart/ decorated

High Frequency Words

do/ live/ of/ our/ wants/ what /with/your

Spelling-Short O o words

log    not   top  hot  hop   on

Homework June 12,2018

1.Math -Chapter 8 Test tomorrow

2.Reading Log

3.Word Work Book p.9

4.Scholastic News-Read and do p.4

5.Sign tests in Test Folder and return tomorrow

Homework June 11,2018

  1. Math-Study Chapter 8 Review Sheets

             Test Tomorrow

2.Spelling Test Tomorrow

3.Reading Log

4.Social Studies-Open book test due tomorrow

Homework June 7,2018

1.Math-Chapter Review Pages 595 and 598

2.Reading Log

3.Social Studies Project- pages 2 and 3

     Color Map and answer questions

4.Parents please sign S/S notebook

5.Early Dismissal Tomorrow

   please bring a snack

6.Free Dress Down Tomorrow

Homework June 6,2018

1.Math p.593,594

2.Reading Log

3.Spelling-Write words 9-12 3x each and use in a sentence

4.Word Work Book p.6

5.Friday-Early Dismissal 12 Noon

6.Please test folder and return tomorrow

Homework June 5,2018

1.Math p.587 and 588

2.Reading Log

3.Word Work Book

4.Spelling-Write words 5-8 3x each and use in a sentence

5.Early Dismissal on Friday 12 Noon

Homework June 4,2018

1.Math p.581 and 582

2.Spelling-Write words 1-4 3x and use in a sentence

3.Reading Log

4.Word Work Book p.3

Homework May 30,2018

1.Math pages 569 and 570

2.Reading Log

3.Spelling Test Tomorrow

4.Word Work Book p.99

5.Science test on Friday-Butterfly-Study from study guide

Homework May 29,2018

1.Math p.563 and 564

2.Reading Log

3.Word Work Book p.93

4.Scholastic News -Read and do page 4

5.Science-project due tomorrow

6.Science Test on Friday-Study from study sheet

7.Music Test next Tuesday June 5th

   Please sign study sheet


Homework May 24,2018

1.Math book pages 10,11,and 12

2.Math Test Tomorrow Chapter 7 -Time and Money

3.Reading Log

4.Word Work Book p.92

5.Backpack p.61

6.Science Project-Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle

    Due next Wednesday May 30th

7.Dress Up Tomorrow-Bring 1 item for Food Pantry

  Thank you so much for all you do and all your support.