6-1 Homework 3/13/20

Math- Go Math page 209- reduce fractions with GCF, page 212. Bring home Go Math and Finish Line.

Science- finish worksheet. Bring home workbook.

Social Studies- use online book for work

Religion- Bring home book

NO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK. CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM EVERY DAY. NOTE: If you you were absent and don’t have your books, there’s NO NEED to come get them. Everything will be done online.

6-1 Homework 3/11/20

ELA- practice your speech. You must have it memorized. If you haven’t written your speech yet, write it. Bring in everything you need except the costume. (Posterboard, etc.)

Math- Finish Line pages 8-15, 69-71

Art- tomorrow’s art group needs the alphabet

You may dress up for pictures tomorrow IF you are taking them.

6-1 Homework 3/10/20

Math- Finish the worksheet

Science- You’re being given an opportunity to make up any work you missed. Do it tonight.

ELA- Finish the Readworks White Out for those who didn’t, and Hammurabi Code for those who didn’t (Google Classroom) Memorize your script.

Art- Finish the letters

Spanish- Get test signed and do pages 1-4 in the packet

6-1 Homework 3/9/20

Math- finish 9, 10, 11 in Finish Line

Science- you have two days to finish any work

ELA- finish anything you need to do for the wax museum

6-1 Homework 3/5/20

ELA- Finish wax museum project. Study for the quiz on Monday

Science- Scavenger hunt and questions 7 and 8 due Monday.

No school tomorrow, March 6th.

6-1 Homework 3/4/20

Ela- finish your essay and check Google classroom. Wax museum project due the 12th.

Science- 7 and 8 due Friday. Scavenger hunt due Monday.

Social Studies- finish the “W” column in your KWL chart if you didn’t.

Spanish- workbook pages 1-4 due next Wednesday.

6-1 Homework 3/3/20

ELA- Do body paragraph. Check Google Classroom. Copy down the notes from “The Most Dangerous Game”

Science- if you didn’t finish pages 7 and 8, finish them by Friday. Scavenger hunt due tomorrow.

Math- Go Math page 12. DON’T finish Math classwork. Test tomorrow-STUDY.

Social Studies- Extra credit- write the results from the “Super Tuesday” Democratic Primary. DO NOT STAY UP PAST YOUR BEDTIME TO DO SO. Do what you can.

6-1 Homework

Science- Finish the Scavenger Hunt. Due Wednesday.

Math- test Wednesday

Crosses due tomorrow.

ELA- Wax museum project due March 12th.

Class picture is on March 5th. Wear full uniform. Bring in picture money if you wish. Individual picture are on the 12th.