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I asked that the middle school students 6,7,8 please add my google classroom code 2e2ozrb

Hello Students and Parents,
During this time, it is important we implement online learning in all subjects. I, Ms.Rissmeyer will be posting Art assignments in google classroom for all grades once week following the normal routine the students have in school. I understand that most of the students have limited art supplies at home, I will keep this mind when assigning work. It is important student continue to create art because for many it as serves a stress relief.

I asked that the middle school students 6,7,8 please add my google classroom code 2e2ozrb

6th Grade Assignment :
Continue to Work in your Typography. The themed alphabet.The alphabet letters should be at least 1 in or larger and fit on the copy /paper . It can also be done in your sketch books. When finished please take a picture and attach it on google classroom, There are samples posted in google classroom.

7th Grade :
We will be working on the project that we discussed in class prior. We using recycled materials within your home you will create your favorite character using recycled materials . You may create a relief or a sculpture. Use whatever garbage you have to create this artwork.I want you to try to use materials that you have in your house such as wrappers from whatever you’re eating, Cardboard from what you’re eating maybe you have caps or labels for soft drinks or water bottles When you finish please submit a photo to google classroom. Attached are some samples in google classroom.

8th Grade :
8th grade you are currently work on caricature art. You were assigned to do three thumbnail rough sketches of self portrait caricature for homework . Each thumbnail should be 3inches . Attached are samples and a videos relating to caricature Please take a picture and submit them when finished to google classroom the due date is April 1