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As a brand new member of the St. Leo Catholic Academy School, I am honored to work with an amazing group of junior high school students! Let’s get this party started and aim for academic success! -Ms. Vargas

7-1 (Homeroom Specials)
– Monday- Gym
– Tuesday- Art (Group A) & Computer (Group B)
– Wednesday- Spanish
– Thursday- Art (Group B) & Computer (Group A)
– Friday- Music


Check Google Classroom every day during the week!

6,7,8th grade (Google Docs) Latino Essay: Due October 15, 2019 


6th grade: 

no homework…..

7th grade: 

2 Readworks Assignments 

8th Grade

no homework…


Reminders: Upcoming Exams

St. Leo Reading Log Grades 4-8



Posted on October 18, 2019

Tolerance-3 questions 

ELA-get papers signed 

Science-finish Lab 

Sign up for myschools.nyc. Your list of 12 schools is due the second week of November. 

Sign up for the TACHS-the LAST day is Monday. Your three choices are due October 25. 

Bring in Walk-a-thon permission slips. 

Food pantry has been changed to the last week in October. 



Posted on October 17, 2019

Tolerance HW 

ELA-HW due tomorrow, definitions and study 

Food Pantry was changed to the last week of October

AR reading tests 

Walk-a-thon permission slips are due 

Register for the TACHS, choices are due October 25th  

Register at myschools.nyc, choices are due mid-November 


Posted on October 16, 2019


Music-test tomorrow 

ELA-HW due Friday 

Religion-page 28 

Sign up for the TACHS-the LAST day is on Monday 

Catholic School choices due October 25th 

Public School choices will be due early November 

Register for myschools.nyc


Posted on October 15, 2019

TACHS deadline this week! 10/21 

Bring in TACHS letters for Mrs. Filardo 

ELA-word’s meanings due Friday 

Tolerance HW-due Thursday 

Music HW-due this week 

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