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Welcome Friends!

As a brand new member of the St. Leo Catholic Academy School, I am honored to work with an amazing group of junior high school students! Let’s get this party started and aim for academic success! -Ms. Vargas

7-1 (Homeroom Specials)
– Monday- Gym
– Tuesday- Art (Group A) & Computer (Group B)
– Wednesday- Spanish
– Thursday- Art (Group B) & Computer (Group A)
– Friday- Music


6th grade: 

  1. Finish the worksheets 

7th grade: 

  1. Finish the worksheets and complete critical vocabulary pg 26

8th grade: 

  1. Finish the worksheets and complete critical vocabulary 
  2. Answer the following question in your notebook: Think about the information presented in the passage. Do you think bionics will have an overall positive or negative effect on the lives of most people? Cite evidence from the selection to support your answer. (answer on looseleaf) at least one paragraph!



Return handbook papers signed and dated!!!! DUE MONDAY!!!!!

St. Leo Reading Log Grades 4-8

Reading logs due Monday!

September 11, 2019

Posted on September 11, 2019

8-1 HW:
Math-Make four graphs numbered 1-10, cover your books, CC15-CC16 show all work on l.l
LA-two paragraphs, one on inventions, one on glitches that exist
SS-page 11#1-3
Religion-page 14 definitions

Make sure to bring back any papers for the office. 

Register for the TACHS 


Posted on September 9, 2019

ELA-workbook page 6 critical vocabulary #1-8, define each vocabulary word in your notebook. Read pages 7, 8,9,10. Find again and again, aha moment, contrast, contradictions: underline and label 

Math- finish up to #24, skip #19 

Cover your books 

Parent meeting tomorrow night. You must attend. 

You should have all your supplies if you do not already. 

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