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As a brand new member of the St. Leo Catholic Academy School, I am honored to work with an amazing group of junior high school students! Let’s get this party started and aim for academic success! -Ms. Vargas

7-1 (Homeroom Specials)
– Monday- Gym
– Tuesday- Art (Group A) & Computer (Group B)
– Wednesday- Spanish
– Thursday- Art (Group B) & Computer (Group A)
– Friday- Music

Homework/ Reminders

Dec 10, 2019

Christmas Show: Wednesday Dec 11, 2019 (9:00am) or (6:30pm)

Dress Attire:
Boys: Red top, black pants, no sneakers
Girls: Red top, black pants or black skirt, no sneakers


Make sure you are reading over 30 minutes each and every day! Take AR Quiz in library…

Download the “Reminder app” (parents)

 6th grade:

Finish worksheets….Titanic

7th grade: 

Homework tonight complete- Read Work assignments (2 articles) click below
Tomorrow-Xmas Show (outfit and Santa hat)!!!!!!


8th grade:






Reminders: Upcoming Exams

St. Leo Reading Log Grades 4-8



Posted on December 6, 2019


Science-start reviewing the notes on Metamorphic Rock 

Math-worksheet show all work on loose leaf and 5 questions on google classroom show all work on loose leaf . Math test on Tuesday. Create your cheat sheet if you want to. 

ELA-read okay for now up to 212, worksheet

SS-test on Wednesday 

Report Card conferences tonight from 1:30-4 and 6-8:15 



Posted on December 5, 2019

Math-test tomorrow, bring a cheat sheet if you want. Only one side of the page.  Check google classroom for notes. 

SS-test Wednesday 

Science -test next week (Friday?) , Metamorphic rocks

Report card conferences tomorrow, you must be with your parents 

Public HS choices are due tomorrow. 



Posted on December 4, 2019

Math-check google classroom for notes on the operations of scientific notation, cheat sheet is due tomorrow, test on Friday 

Science-Quiz on Metamorphic Rocks has been moved so we can have time to cover more material 

Dress down tomorrow only if you bring in a new, unwrapped toy. 

Please continue to edit and put in your HS choices for Public Schools. The deadline is December 6. 

STUDY the words to our Christmas Song please!! 


Posted on December 3, 2019

Study the words to our Christmas song

ELA-Connections to Doug worksheet 

Math-study for Friday, cheat sheet due on Thursday so I can review it. 

Science-test next week 

SS-test Tuesday 

Friday-dress down for Toys for Tots, bring in a new, unwrapped toy  if you dress down 

Sign up for your Public HS if you haven’t already. 

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