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Enjoy your vacation!

6-1: Write two to three paragraphs on a nation/culture which we have not already studied.  Add a cover with a relevant design, illustration, or photograph.

7-1: Research and write two to three paragraphs about a person who has influenced history.  Add a cover/illustration.

8-1: Write a commentary of one to two paragraphs on at least two different news stories.  Make sure to include a copy of the original articles on your work!

6-1 Religion: p.211.

6-1 Social Studies: Complete Graphic Organizer.  Include Republic, Empire, Christianity, and the Fall of Rome.

7-1 Religion: List the Letters of St. Paul from the New Testament.

7-1 Social Studies: Study notes on the Industrial Revolution. Review terms–urbanization, mass production, interchangeable parts, textiles.


8-1 Religion: Write about the dignity of work.

8-1 Social Studies: Study notes on the Great Depression (causes and effects), President Franklin Roosevelt, and the New Deal ( WAGNER ACT, TVA, FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT, AND SOCIAL SECURITY).


6-1 Religion: p.210.

6-1 Social Studies: Read p.213. Write one paragraph on Constantine.

7-1 Social Studies: p.400, 2A,2B.

7-1 Religion: Paragraph on St. Paul.

8-1Religion: p.165 Activity.

8-1 Social Studies: Read p.788 and 789. Describe the Dust Bowl.



6-1 Religion: Finish project on Proverbs.

6-1 Social Studies: Complete Key Terms on p.220.

7-1 Religion: “Eyewitness” report on Pentecost.

8-1 Social Studies: Choose 2 New Deal topics, and write a paragraph on each one.


6-1 Religion: Choose one proverb and explain what it means.

6-1 Social Studies: p.220 Key Terms (due on Monday).

7-1 Social Studies: p.395, 1 to 7.

8-1 Social Studies: 781, #3.



6-1 Math: Study for test.  Complete p.217, 218, and 219. Show all work.  Get test signed.

6-1 Religion: p.197. Study.

6-1 Social Studies: p.208 #1.

7-1 Social Studies: p.387, 1A, 2A.

7-1 Religion: p.127 Activity.

8-1 Religion: Paragraph on how Faith makes us strong.

8-1 Social Studies: p.781, 1A, 1B.



6-1 Social Studies: Paragraph on Career Day.

6-1 Religion: p.191 We Respond.

7-1 Social Studies: p.370, 5,6, and seven.

7-1 Religion: Review Ten Commandments.

8-1 Religion: Study notes on the Church in the Middle Ages.

8-1 Social Studies: Complete essay on the Great Depression.


8-1 Religion: Review notes. Study for test on Thursday.

8-1 Social Studies: Cause- effect essay on The Great Depression (due Monday.).

7-1 Social Studies: P.368, “Practice the Skill.” ( 1 and 2).

6-1 Social Studies: p.201 List five facts about the Roman system of roads.

6-1 ELA: Finish paragraph; 6-8 sentences on quotes.


6-1 Homeroom: Please make a small donation for service learning day: pet food, chew toy, etc.

6-1 Religion: p.185 We Respond.

8-1 Social Studies: Document-based questions.

8-1 Religion: report on World Youth Day.


6-1 Religion: Study Ch.15; review Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Sacraments of Initiation.

6-1 Social Studies: p.202 #6.

7-1 Religion: Paragraph on the Sacrament of Marriage.

8-1 Social Studies: p.760.

8-1 Religion: “Teaching Tolerance” Reflection on Buddhism.


6-1 Religion: Study Ch. 15.

6-1 Social Studies: p.196 #6.

7-1 Social Studies: p.370, 8A and 8B.

7-1 Written reflection on the Eighth Commandment–list or paragraph form.

8-1 Religion: p.121 “Activity.”

8-1 Teaching Tolerance: Research and prepare questions on Buddhism.


6-1 Religion: Complete p.182, 1 to 10.

6-1 Social Studies: Compare the United States with the Roman Republic.


Religion: List ways to show respect for people and their belongings.

Social Studies: p.367) 1A, 1B.


Religion: Explain one way by which the Church helps those in need.

Social Studies: Final draft of essay on the 1920’s.


6-1 Religion: 182, 1 to 8.

7-1 Religion: What are 10 ways to respect for life (list, graphic organizer, or paragraph)?

7-1 Social Studies: Add one paragraph about Sequoyah.

8-1 Social Studies: Essay on 1920’s (due Thursday).


6-1: Paragraph on MLK.

7-1: Religion: Paragraph on Fourth Commandment.

7-1: Two paragraphs on Sequoyah.

8-1: Complete project.

6-1 Spanish homework due on Tuesday.

6-1 Social Studies: Compare a republic with an empire. Include similarities and differences.

7-1 Religion:  Write a paragraph on the Third Commandment.  

7-1 Social Studies: p. 361 “Analyzing Literature.”

8-1 Social Studies: Write one paragraph on a topic from the 1920’s.

8-1 Religion: Tolerance assignment.


7-1 Religion: Paragraph on First Commandment.

7-1 Social Studies: p.356 Map Master.

8-1 Religion: p. 107 Activity.

8-1 SS: p.755 Key Terms (4,5, and 6).

6-1 Religion: p. 175 “We Respond.”

6-1 SS: p.191 Identify Key Terms.


6-1 Religion: Study the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

7-1 Religion: Complete the last question on p.112.

7-1 Social Studies: p.354, 2A.

8-1 Religion: Complete Tolerance questions.

8-1 Social Studies: One paragraph on a current political or social issue.


6-1 Religion: Describe one Gift of the Holy Spirit.

6-1 Social Studies: Study Ancient Greece.

7-1 Social Studies: p.348, 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B.

7-1 Religion: p.110 Activity.

8-1 Social Studies: Research topic on the 1920’s.

8-1 Religion: p.103 Encountering God’s Word.


6-1 Social Studies: p.189, 1 to 4.

7-1 Religion: Prayer of Healing.

8-1 Religion: Read and complete Activity, p.97.

8-1: Copy Sections 1 and 2 from p.757.


6-1:Social Studies, p.182 Main Ideas; finish questions on Ancient Greece.

6-1: Religion, study for test.

7-1: Social Studies, study for test.

Happy New Year!


6-1 Religion: Study for test on Monday.

6-1 Social Studies: p.182, Main Ideas (due Monday.)

7-1 Social Studies: Five questions for Classroom Jeopardy, based on Washington, Adams, or Jefferson.

8-1 Religion: Tolerance Assignment on immigration.

8-1 Social Studies: Review Book, p.120 (1,3,5, and 7).


6-1 Religion: p.154, 9-10.

6-1 Social Studies: p.163.

7-1 Social Studies: Lewis and Clark, journal entry.

7-1 Religion: p.92.

8-1 Social Studies: Study World War One.



6-1 Religion: Copy one psalm into your notebook.

6-1 Social Studies: 164, 3 and 4.

7-1 Religion: List the Five Joyful Mysteries.

7-1 Social Studies: 326, 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B.

8-1 Religion: Teaching Tolerance.

8-1 Social Studies: Study for test on World War One.


6-1 Spanish: Vocabulary words (due Tuesday, 12.18).

6-1 Religion: 142, 5 to 8.

7-1 Religion: Paragraph on how promises made in the past help us today.

7-1 Social Studies: How did the LA Purchase change America?

8-1 Religion: Choose and explain a quote from St. Augustine.

8-1 Social Studies: 727, 1A.


8-1 Social Studies: 722) 1A and 1B

6-1 Social Studies: 158 #3

6-1 Religion: 139 “We Respond.”


6-1 Social Studies: Project due on Monday.

7-1 Religion: p.83 Essay

7-1 Social Studies: p.313, 1A and 1B.

8-1 Social Studies: p.715, 1A and 1B.



6-1 Religion: Revise Advent Prayer

6-1 Social Studies: 158, #5.

7-1 Religion: p.79.

7-1 Social Studies: 302, 1A and 2A.

8-1 Religion: p.82 “Recognizing Our Faith”

8-1 Social Studies: 711, 1A.


6-1 Religion: Advent Prayer


6-1 Social Studies: 153 Key Terms.

7-1 Religion: 278 Activity, “What are some ways to show your joyful anticipation for the coming of Christ?”

7-1 Social Studies: Skills Activity on 299,A and B; 301, 1A and 1B.

8-1 Religion: 278 Activity.

8-1 Social Studies: 700, 8 and 10.


6-1 Religion: 129-130.

6-1 Social Studies: Choose a topic for project.

7-1 Social Studies: 297 #2.

7-1 Religion: Write a paragraph about one of the Gospels.

8-1 Religion: Three-paragraph essay on the question, “What is prayer?”



6-1 Religion: 127 We Respond.

6-1 Social Studies: 148 Main Ideas, 1-5.

7-1 Religion: 69, 1-8.

7-1 Social Studies: 289 Analyze.

8-1 Social Studies, 697 1A and 1B.

8-1 Religion, “What is prayer?” Essay: due Monday.


6-1. Religion: Write a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

6-1 Social Studies: p.145) 1 to 5.

7-1 Religion: Write an “eyewitness” account of Pentecost.

7-1 Social Studies: 287) 1,2, and 3.

8-1 Religion: p.78 “Activity.” Due Friday, complete a three-paragraph on the question, “What is prayer?”

8-1  Social Studies: p.685) 1A and 1B.


Religion: Small poster showing what what makes you feel thankful




6-1 Religion-story of Moses; 5 ways to show respect for God.

7-1 Religion-Summarize one parable from the Gospel of Luke.

7-1 Social Studies-study for quiz. Review notes on the US Constitution.

8-1 Social Studies: Read p.663 and complete Checkpoint. Quiz tomorrow.

8-1 Religion: p.69, “Encountering God’s Word.”



6-1 Spanish: Study numbers up to 29.

6-1 Religion: 106) 1 to 4.

6-1 Social Studies: Study for quiz.

7-1 Social Studies for quiz.

7-1 Religion: Illustrate one of the “I am” statements from the Gospel of St. John.

8-1 Social Studies: Immigration project, due on Wednesday.

8-1 Religion: Teaching Tolerance; questions on Selma.



Religion: p.104

Religion: Story of Moses, due next Wed.

Social Studies: p.123, 1 and 2; p.128, 3.


Religion: Summarize the story of the Good Samaritan.

Social Studies: p. 257, “Assessment.”


Religion: p.64, “Activity.”

Social Studies: 653, 2A and 2B.




6-1 Social Studies: p.110, 3,4, and 5.

6-1 Religion: Complete p. 78

8-1 Religion: Read p.53 and complete “Activity”

7-1 Religion: Summarize a “Good News” story.

11.6 Homework

6-1 Social Studies: Complete essay on Asoka.  Page 115, 3 and 4.

6-1 Religion: Illustrate a Bible story from the Old Testament (due on Thursday).

8-1 Religion: Essay, 59.

8-1 Social Studies: Essay on Triangle Fire.

7-1 Social Studies, p.206 and p.207.  Read and complete “Checkpoints.”

7-1 Religion: Complete Activities on p.54 and p.55.


8-1 Religion: Study for quiz, ch.5.

8-1 Social Studies: Essay on immigration.

7-1 Social Studies: 217, 2A and 2B.

7-1 Religion: Thank a veteran in a paragraph or letter!

6-1 Religion, p.92.

6-1 Social Studies: Explain Veteran’s Day.

February 13, 2019

Posted on February 13, 2019

6th grade Science and Math 

Science test tomorrow on Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals 

Science-know your topic by tomorrow and page one of the information is homework


February 12, 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019

6th grade Science and Math 

Math-quiz tomorrow on how to convert decimals or percents into fractions 

Science-test on Thursday on Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, study the notes from class 

              -front of the information sheet is due on Thursday, periodic table project is due on the 25th

             -What type of project you choose is due on Thursday

February 11, 2019

Posted on February 11, 2019

6th grade Science notes to study for the test on Thursday 



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6th grade Science and Math 

Math-quiz tomorrow on how to convert percents or fractions into decimals 

          – quiz on Wednesday on how to convert decimals or percents into fractions 

Science-test on Thursday on Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, study the notes from class 

              -front of the information sheet is due on Thursday, periodic table project is due on the 25th


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