Music-recorder test on Square dance and Big Ben;  you must know it by memory. Write this on a paper and get it signed as well. 

Spanish- Pick 5 different verbs in Spanish and make 3 different sentences for each verb with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. 

SS-page 505 copy all 4 sections, finish your project 

Science-work on pamphlet on the nervous system (you will get another page next week) due on Friday May 24

Religion-illustrate Catholic Social teaching 

Math-finish page 9 

ELA-finish the 3 body paragraphs 

Computer-study for your upcoming tests, the notes are available on the school website 

Bring in your permission slips for the Glow party and the trip as soon as possible 

Bring in tissues-a small prize for those who brings them in! 

Have a great weekend!!