Wear your gym uniform tomorrow. Dress for the weather!! There will be no hot lunch. Bring you own lunch tomorrow. No electronics. Bring extra spending money if you want. 

Math-finish the two pages for area 

Bring in tissues 

Music-Recorder test Friday 5/17 on the Square Dance and Big Ben by memory bring in your parent signature for that 

Spanish-Pick 5 different verbs in spanish and make 3 different sentences for each verb in the 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person, due on 5/16

ELA-finish the worksheet 

SS-page 503 #1 and 2 a and b, page 506 1 to 8  a and b, project due Friday 

Religion- ask your family about three good qualities about yourself

Art-project due 5/17 

Get Math test signed and Science project signed