5-1 Homework of Week 4/24/17 to 4/28/17

Test/ Quiz Dates:

  • Vocabulary Test– Friday 4/28/17
  • Social studies— chapter 10 vocabulary quiz on Tuesday (5/2/17). Ch 10 test on Thursday (5/4/17)
  • ELA– study Lessons 1-5. Test on Tuesday (5/2/17) on Adjectives.


Homework of Week 4/24/17 to 4/28/17


Monday 4/24/17:  Go Math pg 469 #1-8. Do the work in your notebook.

Tuesday 4/25/17: Finish the Comparing Mixed Numbers’ worksheet #1 -13

Wednesday 4/26/17: Go Math pg 475 and pg 476 #1-2

Thursday 4/27/17: Complete the Finding the Unknown Length’s worksheet.

Friday 4/28/17: Pg 68 in Progress in Mathematics workbook. I will give copies of this page to the class, so complete the worksheet for homework.



Monday 4/24/17: World of Language textbook pg 241 Exercise A: #6-15 and Exercise B #16-20 in your notebook.

Tuesday 4/25/17: World of Language textbook pg 248–Practice A and B in your notebook.

Wednesday 4/26/17: Complete Lesson 1 and 2 in the Lesson Review Packet. I will hand this out in class on April 26th.

Thursday 4/27/17: Complete Lesson 3 and 4 in the Lesson Review Packet.

Friday 4/28/17: Study Lessons 1-5 in your Lesson Review Packet, as well as your notes. Test on Tuesday on adjectives, adjectives after linking verbs, adjectives that compare, using more and most with adjectives, and adjective suffixes.



Tuesday 4/25/17: write the list of key terms from textbook pg 298 into your notebook. Then read textbook pages 298-303. Answer questions below:

    1. What was buffalo known for providing the indigenous people?
    2. What effect did the Europeans have on the natives when they arrived in the late 1870s?
    3. What caused the Native American population to shrink?
    4. From what countries did immigrants come from and what motivated them to go to Canada?
    5. What good was Canada known for exporting?

Wednesday 4/26/17: Read Section 4, textbook pages 311-315. Write the list of key terms on pg 311, and answer Section 4 Assessment questions on pg 315 in your notebook.

Thursday 4/27/17: Chapter 10 vocabulary quiz (total of 13 words) on Tuesday, May 2nd. Chapter 10 test on Thursday, April 4th–study the questions/ answers you did in class to help you.

FRIDAY 4/28/17: SOCIAL STUDIES HOMEWORK– Research an article from the New York Times about a political or global issue, and write a summary and your opinion on the issue. Total of two paragraphs. Attach the news article to your homework assignment. Study for your chapter 10 vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. Study for your Chapter 10 test on Thursday.



Friday 4/28/17: Read pg 126-127. Answer the We Gather and the questions listed below:

1) What is needed to have a life with God?

2) What are the two names Jesus called himself?

3) Why was Jesus sent to the disciples and everyone?

4) What happens when we receive the Eucharist?

5) How can we live as children of God and to live our faith in the world?



Friday 4/28/17: Complete the Map Concept chart on pg C33 in your notebook.



Monday 4/24/17: Get spelling and vocabulary tests signed. Study the definitions of #1-3 for review tomorrow. Vocabulary test on Friday (definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and sentences). Write the final draft of your vocabulary story on loose leaf: You are a CIA agent having to deliver a top secret package to a USA military base in Alaska, but you run into trouble. Use five vocabulary words from Unit 11 in your story. Write two to three paragraphs.

Tuesday 4/25/17: Homework: study #4-6 for vocabulary review. Study for test on Friday. Do the “Apply” exercise on pg 116 in your vocabulary workbook.

Wednesday 4/26/17: Study #7-12 for review tomorrow. Study for vocabulary test on Friday.

Thursday 4/27/17: Unit 11 test tomorrow! Study vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms.