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December 10, 2019

Math Worksheet: Complete both sides. Please place a note by a problem if your are having difficulty.

Reading: Read Chapter 6 in your Superkids reader.( Page 54 through 61.) Then complete the worksheet.

*** Tomorrow is the Christmas Show. Please come to school wearing the required Christmas outfit.   Any student, who will not be returning in the evening, please let me know.



December 4, 2019

Math Worksheet : Use a ten to subtract.

Spelling/Grammar: Choose six spelling words and write a complete sentence for each. Remember to begin your sentence with a capital letter and end it with the proper punctuation mark. ( Spelling Words – bring, camp, drink, end,hunt, long, next, pond, sank, stand, stamp, sing

***Remember to write the heading first!!

Thursday; Toys for Tots = Any student who brings in a new toy, unwrapped may dress down. 



December 3,2019

Math Worksheets

Spelling: Write the following spelling words in ABC order  end  bring  sank  drink  pond   next     camp     sing       hunt       stand        long       stamp 

****Remember to write the heading first before you begin.

****Friday, December 6th – 12:00 pm dismissal – Report Card Conferences (1:30 – 4:00) ( 6:00 – 8:15)


December 2, 2019

Math Worksheet

Know it and Show It workbook – complete page 63. Read and spell these words.

Spelling Words: next  end  camp  sank  sing  drink  hunt  stand  long

stamp  pond   bring  

Review Words ; globe, swim, stove, just

****Friday, December 6th – Report card conferences. !:30 -4:00   and 6:00 – 8:15

****If you are unable to attend , please inform me and we can reschedule. 


November 27,2019

Happy Thanksgiving !

Enjoy the Weekend!



November 26, 2019

Religion: In your notebook, write one thing you will do during Advent to help others see God’s love.

Social Studies: Scholastic News- Read and review the magazine Wampanoag Life Long Ago. Then complete the worksheet.

***Free Dress Down Day tomorrow. Dismissal is at 12:00 ( noon)


November 25,2019

Math Worksheet

Social Studies: read Scholastic News Wampanoag life Long Ago then complete the back of the magazine and the  word work worksheet.

***Wednesday: November 27th – 12:00 pm dismissal.



November 21,2019

Reading : Read The Great Fuzz Frenzy – You will be tested on this tomorrow. ( Is the story fantasy…? Where does the story take place? Where did Pip first place the fuzz? )

Math Worksheet  


November 20, 2019

Math Worksheet ( lesson 3.4 …adding 3 digit numbers)

ELA – My Book – “Bear Up There” on pages 185 and 186. Then complete the questions on pages 186 and 187.

*****Read and Review “The Great Fuzz Frenzy “ page 149. You will be tested on the story.( We have been reviewing and discussing it in class.)

***Thanksgiving Celebration – the students may dress up for the occasion.  



November 19,2019

Math Worksheet

Read “ The Great Fuzz Frenzy” one page 148 in your My Book reader. Then answer this question. How did the prairie dog’s feelings toward Big Bark change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.  You may write this in your notebook.

Review the spelling words from Nov.14th

November 15, 2019

Math Worksheet:

Reading- (My Book) Read the story “ The Great Fuzz Frenzy” then complete pages 182 and 183.

Monday: School is Closed . Please pray for the DeSilvestri family.


November 14,2019

Math Worksheet

Social Studies- Read the Scholastic News Magazine Pilgrim Life Long Ago, then complete the worksheet A Pilgrim Child’s Life Long Ago

Spelling Words: practice reading and spelling the words. 

space, globe,grade, swim, place, last,test,skin,drag, glide,just, stove

Review Words: slid,close,grape,plate


November 13.2019

Math Worksheet : 

Know It and Show It Workbook- pages 54 and 55


November 12, 2019

Math Worksheet – Doubles plus 1 strategy

Social Studies; Read Scholastic News ” Veteran Code Talkers” Then complete the Word Work Worksheet.

Reminders: Remember to read your AR library book and be prepared to take a test on it. Library books need to be returned tomorrow.



November 5, 2019

Math Worksheet –

Chapter 2 Math Test tomorrow.

Religion: Review Chapter 3 study guide.

ELA/Spelling- Practice the spelling words.

****Bring your library book to school tomorrow. Remember to read!!!







November 4,2019

Spelling: Write your spelling words in ABC order. Remember to write the heading first before you begin. Then choose 4 words and write a complete sentence for each. Underline the word in the sentence. 

Spelling Words: tap, tape, fin, fine, cute,  ride, rob, robe, cap, cape, slid slide

Math Worksheet: Chapter 2 Review – you will be tested on Wednesday.( 11/6)

Religion : Chapter 3 study sheet – Test on Thursday (11/7)







November 1, 2019

Read for 20 minutes each day,

Have A Nice Weekend! 📖📚🙂

October 31st,





October 30 2019

ELA/Writing Activity: Write about  Halloween. (IDEAS: How do you celebrate?  What costume are you going to wear and why did you choose it? Where do you Trick or Treat and with who? )

Math Worksheet 

Thursday (10/31) the children are allowed to come in costume for Halloween with  an item for the Food Pantry. Please follow the appropriate guidelines that were sent home. (No masks, no weapons etc…) Goody bags are allowed to be brought to school. There are 25 students in the class. (14 girls and 11 boys) THIS IS OPTIONAL!



October 29,2019

Math Worksheet

Spelling – Know It and Show It – Complete page 45 – Study these words.

Reading : Read for 15-20 minutes and write it down on your reading log.

Spelling Words: tap, tape, fin, fine, cute,  ride, rob, robe, cap, cape, slid slide


October 28,2019

Math Worksheet

Know It and Show It workbook:( Synonyms)  Complete pages 41 

Reminders: On Thursday, Halloween, the children may wear their costume to school. The children may bring in treats ( goody bags for the class) THIS IS OPTIONAL.

There are 25 students in the class . ( 11 boys and 14 girls)


October 23, 2019

Math Worksheet:   Review of place value.

Spelling:  Write your spelling words in ABC order.

Reading: My book – page 85 – read the story Picture Day Perfection

Reminders: Friday-   Spelling Test

                                     Fall Walk- A- Thon-



October 22, 2019

Spelling: Know It and Show It book- page 36 – study these words.

Math Worksheet

Read for 20 minutes.


October 21, 2019

Spelling Words: 1.doze   2.nose   3.use 4.rose   5.pole   6.close  7. June  8.woke  9.role  10.rode  11.tune   12.rule 

Spelling: In your notebook, write each spelling word three times each. Remember to write the heading first. Study these words. You will be tested on Friday.

Math Worksheet

Reminders: Friday is our school Walk-a –Thon – permission slips are due.























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