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  • June 13, 2019

    Students may dress down for the next three school days.

    Library books and readers must be returned to school.

    Math Volume 1 book and backpack book are coming home. Keep these at home .

    ***Read for 20 minutes.



  • June 12, 2019
  • Math worksheets (keeping skills sharp)- Subtraction with regrouping zero, hundreds and tens.
  • ***Your library book and Superkids reader must be returned tomorrow!!(: Thank You!


June 10, 2019

Word workbook- pages 63 and 64

Math Worksheet – Read the pictograph to answer questions.


June 6, 2019

Math Worksheet- 3 digit subtraction; Regroup Hundreds

Backpack book- pages 40, 41 and 42

Dress Down Day – tomorrow.



June 5, 2019

Math Worksheet

Scholastic News:  Read and review “A Plastic Straw Problem”    Then complete the worksheet “Solve the Problem”

***Library Class tomorrow. Remember to return your book.


June 4, 2019

Math Worksheet (Lesson 8.3)

Read Scholastic News “A Plastic Straw Problem” Then read the questions on the “Read and Think Worksheet.” You will write your answer on loose leaf not on the worksheet.

***Gym Class tomorrow.






May 30, 2019

 Word Workbook – complete page 48

 Backpack book – page 34

  Math Worksheet- Problem Solving



May 29,2019

Math Worksheet :

Backpack book – complete page 33 

Handwriting worksheet ( both sides) cursive letters q and n’

Thursday – Ascension Thursday – Grades K-8 will be attending Mass. The students are to wear their school uniform.

May 28,2019

Math Worksheet: 3 digit addition : Regroup Tens 

Backpack book – pages 31 and 32

Wednesday: Gym Class – come to school prepared.

Thursday : Ascension Thursday – The school will be attending the 9:00 am Mass.


May 23, 2019

Scholastic News: Read Garden Defender, then complete the back of the magazine and the worksheet “Be a reporter”

Handwriting Worksheet –  



May 22, 2019

Grammar Worksheet: Synonyms – words that mean almost the same thing.

***Thursday: Last day of Terra Nova testing.

                          Bring your library book to return!!



May 15,2019

Handwriting : Cursive r and s.

Math Worksheet : 3 digit  addition with regrouping ones.

***Terra Nova testing beginning tomorrow. Make sure you are rested and have a healthy breakfast.


May 14, 2019

Math Worksheet

 Grammar Worksheet : Combining words ( Conjunctions) to make sentences.

Gym Class tomorrow!

May 13, 2019

Reading/Science Worksheet: “Helping the Earth” Use the word bank to fill in the sentences.

Math Worksheet (Lesson 6.1)

May 9, 2019

Math Worksheet (Practice)

 Science/ Religion – Write how you can take care of God’s creation….Planet Earth. Draw a picture.



May 7, 2019

Math Study Guide Worksheets

Spelling: Complete page 21. Study these words.

Friday: Math Test – Chapter 5


May 6th: Reading – Read chapter 22 in your Superkids reader. Review chapter 21.

Thank you to all the parents who chaperone our trip to the farm today! We had a fun day!

April 29th

Spelling: Backpack book – page 18 – study these words.

Math Review Worksheet

Reading: Read the 100 Party on page 52 in your Superkids Reader.

****Trip Money is due! (Green Meadows Farm)




April 17, 2019

 Reading: Remember to read during the Easter Recess. The Super magazine (Informational Text) is coming home. Read your AR book and books  of your choice.

Math: Review regrouping subtraction as well as addition. Continue to review time and money.

****Classes resume April 29th.

Have a Blessed Easter and Enjoy!


April 16th

Math Worksheet (Lesson 5.7)

Reading: Read pages 30 through 37 in your Superkids reader. Then complete page 19 in your Word Workbook.

Wednesday: 11:30 dismissal. The students may dress down for an item of food for our Food Pantry


April 15, 2019

Math Worksheet (Lesson 5.6)

Reading – read pages 16 through 27 in the Superkids Reader. Then answer the questions on page 13 in your Word Workbook

Reminders: Wednesday, April 17th – 11:30 dismissal.

April 12, 2019

      Scholastic News: Read “Rainbow Plants” then  answer the questions on the given worksheet.

Sunday: Palm Sunday – the beginning of Holy Week. Remember to attend Mass.

*** Monday (Holy Monday) The Second Grade is hosting the 9:00 a.m. Mass. The students may dress up. Parents are welcome to attend.

Have a Nice Weekend!


April 11th ; Handwriting – cursive lower case b worksheet.

April 10, 2019

Math Worksheet

Reading: Read for 20 minutes each day.

***Thursday: Class Trip. The students are to wear their gym uniform. Bring a healthy snack to have before we leave in the morning. We will be having lunch when we return. Students who get a hot lunch will receive it.

**Chaperones are to be here by 9:00.



April 9, 2019

Spelling – Write a complete sentence for the following words:







  1. Math Worksheet
  2. Read the story “Dots Amazing” in your Super magazine.




April 5, 2019

Reading: read the story “Animal rainbow” in your Super magazine. Then complete the worksheet by answering the questions.

Reading Log – remember to read for 20 minutes each day.


April 1, 2019

Math Worksheet (Lesson 5.1)

Handwriting Worksheet (cursive- lower case, e, et, w and wi.

Spelling/ Reading – Review pages 2,3,4,5,and 6. You will be tested tomorrow. (Word Workbook)



March 29, 2019

Reading:  Read chapter 17 and 18.(Superkids Take Off Reader) Then complete page 6 in your word workbook. Go over pages 1 through 6 in your workbook. You will have An ELA test on the spelling words on page 2 and chapters 17 and 18 stories. The test will be Tuesday, April 2nd.

Have a Nice Weekend!


March 28th

Math Worksheet – time to the hour, half hour and five minutes.

***Time test tomorrow!

Spelling – Backpack book- page 4 study these words.


March 27, 2019

Math Worksheets – Review guide for counting money

***Practice counting money and telling time.

Reading: Continue to read and review the stories in your Superkids reader chapter 17. Then answer the following questions in your notebook. You must write a complete sentence.

  1. Why do Gus and Gert need to find a new home for Golly?
  2. Why do Lily and Alf want to take Golly to the apartment building?

****Spelling-  Read and spell these words.

     cliff           ruffle          baffled          dull            press          miss         

    saddle     cuddle        huddle        spelling       tussle    hassle     

***Library Class tomorrow. Remember to return your book!





March 26,2019

Reading/Spelling – Backpack book- complete pages 2 and 3 ( Practice reading and spelling these words.) 

Math Worksheet 

***Thursday(3/28) Math Test on Money

***Friday (3/29) Math Test on Time

***Gym Class tomorrow.


March 25,2019

Spelling _ Backpack book page 1

Math Worksheet

Reading- n ( Chapter 17) continue to read and review the stories in the Superkids Take Off Reader.


March 22, 2019

Reading: Read the stories in chapter 17 in your Superkids Take off Reader.

Writing Activity:  Spring Worksheets – “My Perfect Spring Day

                                   Have a Nice Weekend!


March 21, 2019

Math Worksheet- (Time)– draw the time shown on the clock.

Scholastic News –Read “The Real Lorax?”Then complete the worksheet “Do You Agree?”


March 20th

Math – Worksheet on time( lesson 7.9) -telling time to the nearest 5 minutes.

           _ Review counting money to amounts greater than one dollar.

Backpack Book- pages 67 and 68

Spelling Words – head  bread  meant  heavy  ready  picture

                          action  vacation   question   position   future adventure 


March 19th

Math Worksheet

Backpack book – pages 65 and 66

***Gym Class tomorrow!



March 18th

Social Studies: Read “When Annie Came to America” in your Scholastic News magazine. Then complete the Read and Think worksheet.

Math Worksheet( lesson 7.8) Telling time to the hour and half hour.


 March 14th

Reading : In your Super Magazine. Read the article “Why do sharks die if they stop moving?” Then answer the questions on the worksheet that is provided.

Math Worksheet

Friday(tomorrow)  -11;30 dismissal Report Card appointments 1:30 -3:00 and 6:00 – 8:15

                                      – Students may dress down for a food pantry donation (wear something green.)

Backpack Book – Complete pages 61 and 63. Practice reading fluency on page 62.

Math Worksheet ( Review) Practice counting coins.

Thursday (3/14) – Picture Day. if you are having your picture taken, you may dress up for the picture. If you are not, come to school wearing your school uniform.

Friday(3/15) – 11:30 dismissal. Report card conferences. 1:30 -4:00 and 6:00 – 8:15 ( First come, first serve)

Students may dress down wearing something green for a food pantry donation. ( an item of food)


March 12th

Social Studies: Read the article “A Math Star” Then complete the “Read and Think” Worksheet.

****Gym class tomorrow!


March 7,2019

Back pack book- Complete page 60.

2 Then write the spelling words from the list in ABC order. 

3. After, choose 5 spelling words from the list and write a complete sentence for each one. 

Reading Log – Remember to read each day for 20 minutes and write it down in your Reading Log. 

Have a Nice Weekend!



March 6, 2019

Religion – Complete My Lenten Promises Worksheet

Math Worksheet- Showing the value of one dollar with coins.

***Thursday, March 7th – Library Class – Bring your book to school!

                                             -Class Picture Day! Come to school wearing your school uniform.

Friday (3/8/19)- School is Closed – Teachers’ Professional Day



March 5, 2019

Backpack book- Practice reading and spelling the words on page 57. Then read page 58 and complete page 59.

Math Worksheet

Reading – Superkids Hit Second Grade Reader – read pages 124 through 131 . You will be quizzed tomorrow.

Gym Class tomorrow. 


March 1, 2019

ELA (Creative Writing)” If I found a pot of gold” Worksheet – Write a story by following the steps.

 First, Next, Then and Last.

***Remember to read for 20 minutes each

***Practice counting money…Quarter, dimes nickels and pennies.

Have a Nice Weekend!


February 28,2019

Spelling –  Backpack book- Complete page 55. Study these words.

Word Workbook- Read pages 89,90 and 91

Math Worksheet

Friday, March 1st – Spelling/ ELA Test

                                 – Dress Down Day for a donation of $2.00 The donation is going towards another family of SCLA who suffered a fire during our Winter Recess. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


February 27,2019

Spelling: Backpack pages 53 and 54 Study the Spelling Words.

Math Worksheet- Complete both sides. ( The back page is review of skills learned)

*** Review and read Chapter 13 in your Superkids Reader( The Superkids Hit Second Grade)

****Remember to bring your library book to class tomorrow to be returned!




Spelling – Write this week’s spelling words three times each in your notebook. The words are on page 52 in your backpack book and are listed below for yesterday’s homework.

Math Worksheet – Lesson 7.2) Counting coins with quarters. 

***Remember to read for 20 minutes each day

****Gym class tomorrow.

Friday, March 1st – ELA/Spelling Test




February 25,2019

 Welcome Back! 🙂

Spelling Words (for the week of Feb. 25th – March 1st)

1.know.  2. knew.  3. knee. 4.knock.    5.knife.      6. knot

7.write.  8.wrote.  9.wreck. 10. wrap. 11. wrong. 12. wrinkle

Spelling : Backpack page  52 Study these words. 

 Reading/Spelling:Word Workbook- Review pages 89 and 90 completed in class today.

Math Worksheet

REMINDERS: Remember to read for 20 minutes each day and write it down in your reading log.




February 15,2019

      Reading:Remember to read for 20 minutes each day and write it down in your reading log.

It would be helpful to reinforce skills learned by logging into the Superkids website .

*** Math:We began  counting money. Review the value of a dime, nickel and penny and counting those coins. A quarter may also be introduced. 

Thank You all for those who donated art supplies for St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. I will be delivering them to the hospital this week.

Your valentine gifts are greatly appreciated! ❤️ Thank You!

Enjoy the Winter Break!😋

Classes Resume: Monday,February 25th



February 14,2019

Spelling: Backpack Book – pages 48,50 and 51

                 ****Study these words.

Word Workbook- read pages 83,85 and 87

Religion – Read and Review Chapter 26. You will be tested tomorrow.

**Friday (2/15) – Dress Down Day for $1.00. The donation will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13, 2019

Math Worksheet

Spelling – Write the spelling words in ABC order.

Religion – Chapter 26 – We Show Love and Respect

                    Read and Review the chapter then complete the chapter test review.

Answer questions 7-8 and 9-10.   You will be tested on Friday. The Test will be similar to the Test Review on page 306.

***Thursday (2/14) – Dress Down Day – bring in an item for the Food Pantry in honor of St. Valentine. Students should wear something red, pink , purple or white.

Friday- `ELA/Spelling Test and Religion Test







February 11,2019

Spelling Words:  1. city. 2.circle. 3.nice. 4.space. 5.pencil.  6.excited                                    

                                  7. age. 8. page. 9. huge. 10.large. 11. giant. 12. gentle


Spelling – Write the spelling words three times each in your notebook. Study these words.

Math Worksheet – Review skip counting to one hundred.

Reading – Remember to read for 15-20 minutes each day!








February 8,2019

ELA/Science – Read ” the History of the Groundhog” Then complete the Read and Think worksheet . Write the answer in a complete sentence. ( If you make a mistake or you need more room, write the answer on another piece of paper. 

Reading Log – Remember to read for 20 minutes each day.

Have a Nice Weekend!




February 7, 2019

Backpack Book- complete page 47. Then choose 4 spelling words and write a sentence for each one. Do this on the loose leaf paper provided.

Math Worksheet

Friday ( 2/8) Spelling and Math Test

                             Dress down Day for $2.00. This is in support of a family in our school community who has suffered a fire.

                             Remember to contribute to our Food Pantry.




February 6,2019

Grammar Worksheet ( Review of nouns) Name Those Nouns!

Math Review Worksheet

Study the Spelling Words

Remember to bring your School  Library book tomorrow!

****Friday (2/8) Dress Down Day for $2.00. This  donation is for a family in our school community who had a fire in their home last week. Your generosity is appreciated. Please pray for them. 


February 5, 2019

  1. Math Worksheet (Review)

Spelling Words: 1. cook 2.took.  3. foot.  4.stood  5.too  6.tool  7.boot  8.soon.  9. blew  10.chew  11.threw   12.grew

  1. Backpack Book- complete page 46

**Study the spelling words!

Wednesday (tomorrow) Gym Class

Friday (2/8) Chapter 4 Math Test

                        Spelling Test


February 4, 2019

Backpack Book – pages 44 and 45

Math Worksheet

**Remember to read for 20 minutes each day and write it down in your Reading Log.




February 1,2019

Remember to read for 20 minutes each day!

Have a Nice Weekend !

January 31, 2019

Math Enrich Worksheet

Social Studies: continue to read Scholastic News magazine “A Hero in the Family” Then complete worksheet.

Friday (Tomorrow)-  Pajama Day for students. Dismissal is at 11:30

It is time to replenish paper towels in our classroom. A roll of paper towels from each student would be greatly appreciated.


January 30th

 Social Studies – Read and review the Scholastic News magazine ” A Hero in the Family” Then complete ” The Hero in You” Worksheet. 

Math Worksheet


Thursday (1/31) – Career Day – The students may dress up of their career choice. ( This is optional)

Friday(2/1) – Pajama Day -for Students. Dismissal is at 11:30

January 29th

Reading- Read pages 92-101 in your Superkids reader. Then complete page 75 in the Word Workbook.

Math Reteach Worksheet

Wednesday – Blue/Gold Day – Come to school wearing your assigned color , comfortable pants (sweats) and sneakers. If you do not have these colors to wear,then wear your gym uniform.

Thursday- Career Day.


January 28th

Math Reteach Worksheet

Social Studies – Read Scholastic News ” A Hero in the Family” Then complete the worksheet by answering the questions. Make sure the magazine is brought back to school. 

**Test Folder is coming home today. Please sign and return it to class tomorrow.

***Dress Down Day tomorrow

January 25,2019

Spelling- Review and read the spelling words. Backpack book – pages 42 and 43.

Reading – read Chapters 12 and 13 in your Superkids Reader.

Catholic School’s Worksheet is due on Monday, Jan. 28th.

Have a Nice Weekend!

January 24th

Math Worksheet

Backpack page 43

Religion – Study for the test tomorrow. ( The Church Year)

Friday ( tomorrow) Dress Down Day for $1.00 or an item of food for the food pantry.

January 23,2019

Math Review Worksheets

Spelling- Write the spelling words in ABC order. Remember to write the heading. 

**Read and study these words.

Religion – Read and review the study guide on The Church Year. You will be tested this Friday. We have been reviewing this chapter  in class since last week. 

****Remember to read and return your library book tomorrow!!

***Test Folder is coming home today. 


January 22, 2019

Spelling Words – 1.boy  2.enjoy  3.joined  4.points  5.shout  6.ground

                  7. around 8. crowd  9.flower   10. snow   11. below  12.yellow

Spelling- Write the spelling words three times each in your notebook. Study these words.

Math Worksheet

Reading : Continue to rea each day!

Gym Class tomorrow!

January 14, 2019

Spelling- Read and study the spelling words on page 62 in your Word workbook. Then read pages 64, 65 and complete page 66.

Math Worksheet (lesson 4.6)

Reading – read Chapter 10 in your Superkids reader.

**** Spelling Test TOMORROW!





January 11. 2019

Science/ELA – Describe what it feels like to be outdoors in the winter. What do you hear, smell , see, and feel during the winter?

Spelling – Practice reading and spelling these words. You will be tested on these words on Tuesday.

1.draw  2.awful  3.walk  4.fault  5.called  6.today

7.yawn  8.chalk  9.talk   10.August   11.smallest   12.away

***Remember to read each day and write it down on your Reading Log.

Have a Nice Weekend!

January 10, 2019

Backpack Book- page 37

Spelling_ choose four words and write a complete sentence for each one. Underline the word in the sentence.

***Remember to write the heading before you begin writing the sentences.

Math Worksheet



January 9, 2019

Math Worksheet

Scholastic News: Read the article “A Chick Grows Up” Then complete   the Read Think Worksheet

Spelling Words: 1.draw  2.yawn  3.awful  4.chalk  5.walk  6.talk  7.fault  8.August  9.called  10.smallest  11.today  12.away

**Practice reading and spelling these words.

***Library Class Tomorrow!

January 8, 2019

Math Worksheet ( Lesson 4.4)

Backpack page 35

Reading: continue to read chapter 9 in your superkids reader.

***Please bring in your book  ” The Snowy Day from the Black Lagoon” that you received as a Christmas gift from Ms. Hernandez and Javion. We are going to read it together in class.


January 7,2019

ELA/Spelling : Write the following words in ABC order. Then choose three words  and write a sentence for each one you choose.

1. work  2. sugar  3. early  4. world   5. learn  6. calendar

Math Worksheet ( Lesson 4.3)

Reading: Read Chapter 9.


January 3, 2019

Superkids Word Work Book: Complete page 59 and page 60.

Read again Chapter 8 to help you answer the questions on page 60.

Math Worksheet

*** Tomorrow ( Jan.4th) 11:30 dismissal.


January 2, 2019

Math worksheet ( Lesson 4.1) Complete both sides.

Reading; Read Chapter 8 in your Super kids Reader.

**Library Class tomorrow- be prepared to return your book.

Happy New Year! 





December 17, 2018

Backpack book- Complete page 30. Practice reading and spelling these words.

Reading: Read Chapter 8 in your Superkids Reader.

***Thursday: Christmas Show 9:00am and 6:30pm


December 12th

Math Worksheets: Chapter 3 Test Review

Thursday: Chapter 3 Math Test

Reading: Read your AR library book and return it tomorrow.

Kids Korner Shoppes – Second Grade will be attending tomorrow.

Parent Signature_______________


December 10, 2018

Math: Chapter 3 Test Review Worksheet – complete both sides.

Reading: Read Chapter 7 “Lily’s Left Out” and Left Out a Second Time”.

***Thursday, Dec. 13th – Chapter 3 Math Test



December 5,2018

Math Worksheet ( Lesson 3.11)

Reading Superkids Reader) – Chapter 6 Read the stories from pages 54 through 61. Then complete the comprehension . Practice reading!

Christmas Show – The Second Grade are singing “Do you Hear What I Hear?” 

                                – The students are to dress up. The boys are to wear black pants with  a green or red top. The girls are to wear a Christmas/Holiday Dress ( Colors may vary…green, red, gold black/sliver)





December 4, 2018

Backpack Book – page 21 Practice reading the sentences.

Math Worksheet (lesson 3.10)

Reading _ Read “A Super Invention” and “Real Inventions” pages 54 – 57.

**Gym Class tomorrow.-


December 3, 2018

Math Worksheet

Religion: During the Advent Season, we can help people to see God’s love.

Write about two things you will do to help others see God’s love.  Be prepared to share what you wrote. Make sure your sentences are complete.

Friday, December 7th – Dismissal is at 11:30 am ( Report Card Conferences. )





November 29, 2018

Math Worksheet

Superkids Word workbook – complete page 36 , then read the sentences.

Reading: Read and review chapter 5 in your Superkids reader.



November 28th

Math Worksheet

Backpack Book – page 20 ( Practice spelling the words)

Reading- Read ” Teacher’s Pet” – pages 52-54 in your reader.

***Library Class Tomorrow- Remember to return your book!



November 27th

Math Worksheet (Lesson 3.5)

Reading: Read “Duck, Doc!”, “The Saddest Story” and “Frog loves Doc” pages 46 through 51

***Gym Class tomorrow.



November 26, 2018

Math Worksheet

Backpack Book – pages 18 and 19

Reading – Read “A Frog for Ms. Blossom” pages 44 and 45 in your reader.

_________________________ Parent Signature



November 20, 2018

Math Worksheets

Superkids Word work book – complete page 30, then study these spelling words.

Dress Down Day for a food pantry donation.      





November 19,2018

Math Worksheet

Backpack page book- Complete page 17. Then review pages 15 and 16. Study the spelling words. 

Reading – Read ” Panic” and “Second Fastest” in your Superkids Reader – pages 40 -43



November 15th

Math worksheet

Religion : Write about two things you are thankful for and why. Draw a picture to go with your sentences. 

Reading Log

November 14th

 Math Worksheet ( Lesson 3.1)

Spelling/Reading : Backpack pages 15 and 16

November 13th

Math Worksheet

Superkids Backpack Book – Complete pages 14 and 15

Gym Class Tomorrow!

November 8th

Read Chpater 4 in your Superkids Reader.

Reading Log

Have a Nice Weekend!


November 7, 2018

Math Worksheet: Chapter 2 Review Worksheet

Social Studies: Read Scholastic News “Here Comes the Fire Horses!”  Then complete the worksheet Diary of a Firefighter Long Ago.

Spelling – Study the spelling words.

Thursday (Tomorrow)  Chapter  2 Math Test and Spelling Test

Friday, Nov. 9th (No School)

Monday Nov. 12th (No School) Veterans Day


November 6, 2018

Math Worksheet : Review of skills learned in Chapter 2.

Spelling; Write these words in ABC order.Then write them in a sentence.Underline the word used in the sentence.

1. good  2. middle   3. any   4. handle

Thursday (11/7) Math Test and Spelling Test. 


November 5, 2018

Superkids Backpack Book – Complete page 13. Study these words.

Math worksheet

Reading Log

Thursday ( 11/8) Chapter 2 Math Test and Spelling Test

Friday ( 11/9) No School – Teachers Professional Day


November 2, 2018

Spelling Words – 1. handle  2. middle  3. ring    4. strong  5. want  6. look  

                                7. come    8. any         9. some  10. very   11. new   12. good 

Study these words. you will be tested next week.

Reading Log – Remember to read each day and write it down on your Reading Log.

Have a Nice Weekend!


November 1,2018

Superkids Backpack page ; Complete page 12

Math Worksheet 

Reading : Read and review Chapter 3 of Superkids of reader .

Friday ( 11/2) 12:00 pm dismissal.


Have fun and be safe!


 October 30th 

Math Worksheet

Superkids Backpack Book- Complete page 10. Then read 11 ” Bugging”  (this is from Chapter 3 in the Superkids Reader)

Wednesday (10/31)  The children are allowed to come in costume for Halloween. Please follow the appropriate guidelines that were sent home. (No masks, no weapons etc..) The students can bring in goody bags for their classmates. This is Optional!

There are 27 students in the class. ( 14 girls and 13 boys)


October 29th

Math Worksheet

Science: Read the Scholastic News “Rotten Science”Then answer the questions on the Read and Think Worksheet. 

Wednesday( Halloween) Students may come to school wearing their costume. If you would like to bring in goody bags for your classmates, you can. There are 13 boys and 14 girls in the class. (Total 27 students)  This is optional.

October 25th

Math Worksheet

Spelling: Complete page 9 in your Superkids Backpack book.

                   Study these words. 

Spelling Test Tomorrow

Religion: Review Chapter 2 -Test Tomorrow.


October 24th

Math Worksheet

Spelling: Backpack Book – page 7

Religion: Review Chapter 2

Friday, Oct.26th Spelling and Religion Test



SPELLING WORDS: are , be ,do, have,here, how, there were what where , who, why 

October 23rd 

Math Worksheet Superkids Backpack Book: Read page 6 

Spelling ; Write the spelling words in ABC order in your HW notebook. We did this in class today and the words are written on index cards in a plastic bag.

October 22nd 

Math Worksheet; circle the value of the underline digit.

Superkids Backpack Book; complete page 5. Read and spell these words.

Reading Log

**Test Folder is coming home. Please sign and return to class tomorrow.


October 18.2018

 1. Math Worksheet (Lesson 2.5)

  2. Spelling: Choose 4 spelling words( pronouns)and write a complete sentence for each one .Underline the pronoun in the sentence.

  3. Reading: Read Chapter 4 ” Soap Song” 

**Study the spelling words. Test tomorrow!.

** Walk A Thon: Wear your gym uniform tomorrow . Dress according to the weather 

Spelling Words: 1. me 2. we. 3.he. 4.she  5. they  6. you  7. my  8. their  9. our  10. his  11. her  12. your


October 17, 2018

Math Worksheet (Lesson 2.4)

 Social Studies: Communities – Read and review the Scholastic news “Weekends in My Community”

Then complete the worksheet by answering the questions. Review the information about the

  three different communities for a quiz tomorrow.

Spelling: Study the pronoun spelling words. me, his, her, your, our, their, my, you, she, we, he, they

October 16,2018

Math Worksheet

Backpack Pages Book : Complete page 4 ( ABC order) Study these words

Reading: Read Chapters 3 in SuperKids reader.

Wednesday : Dress Down Day for $1.oo for Breast Cancer Awareness. Wear something pink. Please wear sneakers because we have gym class .

Remember to send in your permission slips for the WALK-A – THON


October 15, 2018

Math worksheet

Backpack Pages Book – Read page 2 “A Big Mean Frog” and complete page3. Study these spelling words.

Friday (10/19)- Walk a Thon  : Remember to bring in your permission slips.

  • Spelling Test on the words on page

SPELLING WORDS: your, she, my, they, he, you, we, our, their, her, me, his


October 12, 2018

Reading: Read Chapters 1 and 2 in your Superkids Hit Second Grade Reader (level 5)

Reading Log: Remember to write down the stories or chapters that you read.

  Have a Nice Weekend!



October 11, 2018

Math Worksheet: Lesson 2.1

Superkids Word Workbook: page 2 – Study and Review these words.

Reading Log: Remember to read each day and write it down in your Reading Log.

Friday: Please contribute to our Food Pantry. Thank You!

Walk Thon permission slips are due.

Parent Signature ____________________________


October 10, 2018

Superkids Backpack Pages Book: Complete page 1….DO NOT GO AHEAD!

Scholastic News: Read “Second Grade Citizens Magazine. Then, complete “My Rights and Responsibilities Worksheet”

Thursday (10/11): Library Class – Remember to bring your book to class tomorrow!

 SPELLING WORDS: me,my, she, her, he, his,we, our, they, their, you, your

OCTOBER 9, 2018

Math:Review chapter one Math packet for a test tomorrow.

Spelling: continue to review the long vowel spelling words from last week. You will be tested tomorrow.

Reading Log:  Read  each day and write it down in your Reading Log.

*****Gym Class tomorrow!


October 5th – Math Chapter 1 Review Packet 

                          Math Test will be on Wednesday, Oct. 10th

                           Spelling Test will be on Wednesday, Oct. 10th

***Tuesday, October 9th – Our Class trip to the Apple Store for a digital storytelling activity. The children are to wear their gym uniform.

***Parents who are attending , please be here by 9:15 am. The bus will be leaving at 9:30.  

October 4th

Superkids Workbook: pages 24 and 25 then read “All About Ants” on page 23 and read pages 26 and 27

Spelling ; Practice spelling the long vowel words.

Friday ( 10/5)  12:00 pm dismissal

Wednesday (10/10) Chapter 1 Math Test

October 3rd,

 Math Worksheet

Spelling; Write the spelling words three times each. Then choose 2 words and write a sentence for each one. Study the words.

SPELLING WORDS: game, hope, ride, cute. boat, road, tail, rain, each, heat, see, keep

October 2,2018

Math Worksheet

Superkids Workbook – page 21

Spelling : Spell and study the spelling words on page 19.

Spelling Words: 1. game  2. hope  3. ride  4. cute  5. boat  6. road  7. tail .                                        8.rain    9. each   10. heat  11. see   12. keep

REMINDERS: Gym Class tomorrow.

                             Permission slips are to for our visit to the Apple store. ( Digital Storytelling Activity) 

***Remember to login to the Superkids website. 


October 1, 2018

Math Worksheet

Superkids Workbook – page 19

Spelling Worksheet : Study these words.

***Remember to  login to the Superkids website.

Test Folders are coming home today. Please sign and return tomorrow.

*** Trip to the Apple Store for students  workshop is  next Tuesday  Permission slips must be signed and returned. 

September 28th

Writing Activity: (AUTUMN) –Write about the Autumn (Fall) season. What happens during the Fall Season?

Topics discussed in class : Changes in weather, Harvest time, What do certain animals do?, Holidays that take place, Shorter  daylight hours, Earth’s orbit around the sun,  Changes in leaves, weather , plants,  etc…  You can draw a picture or paste pictures to go with your sentences.

****Remember to Read for 20 minutes each day.

*** Parents  should be receiving an email from Superkids Reading Program.It will give you instructions on how to sign in. I assigned students a password and will be giving it to them on Monday.

****Think Central – A notice was sent home on how to login into our Go Math Program . This is a helpful tool to use at home to reinforce Math skills.


September 27th

Math Worksheet

Religion: Review and study Chapter 1


            – You may dress down wearing a Super Hero T – shirt for $1.00. ( THIS IS OPTIONAL)


September 26, 2018

Math Worksheets ( Review)

Religion: Study Chapter One tear out sheets. They are in your folder.

Read your AR library book. Remember to bring it to class tomorrow!

Friday(9/28) Chapter One Religion Test.



September 25,2018

Superkids Workbook: Review ans read pages 5, 7, 12 and 15. Then complete page 17.

Math Worksheet

Religion: Review Chapter One. You will be tested on Friday, Sept.28th.

**Gym Class Tomorrow!

September 24,2018

Math Worksheet

Grammar Worksheet ( Resource Page 3) Complete numbers 9,10 and 11. Write a sentence using the correct punctuation mark. 

Spelling: study the memory words.

Tuesday: Spelling Test (Memory Words) are  do  good  have  here  one  they  want  you

September 19,2018

Math Worksheet

Superkids Workbook:page 14 Then go back and read page 12.

Memory Words: read and spell the memory words.

( are   do   good    have   here   kind     one    they     want    you)





September 18,2018

Math Worksheet

Spelling: Write the memory words three times each in your Homework notebook. Study theses words. 

Memory Words: have  want here do good you are they kind one

Reading: Read AR Library book




Math Worksheet

Scholastic News : Read”Friends Make It Fun” then complet ” My Friendship Tips” Worksheet.

Read your AR Library Book.


September 14th: Read your AR Library Book

Bring in one of the required Summer reading books on Monday.

**Scholastic Book Money is due.


September 13th

 Math Worksheet

Superkids Workbook; pages 8 and 9 – Read the story ” At the Park”

REMINDERS: Parent Meeting – 7:30 pm this evening!


September 12,2018

Math Worksheet: Even and Odd Numbers

Superkids Workbook: page 7 – Read Icky’s letter . Underline the long vowel words, then list each word under the correct  vowel sound.

****Tomorrow – Parent Teacher Night at 7:30 pm.

****Please sign and return all the necessary paper work (emergency information, after-school etc..) Thank You to those who have !(:


September 11, 2018

Math Worksheet

Scholastic News : Read “You Can Do It” Then complete th back page of the magazine and return to class. 

Reminders: Tomorrow, Wednesday (9/12) – Gym Class- come to school prepared wearing your gym uniform and sneakers.

September 10,2018

SuperKids Workbook: Complete pages 3 and 4


Wednesday (9/12) : Gym Class

Thursday (9/13) Parent Orientation Night 

Homework June 12,2018

Posted on June 12, 2018

1.Math -Chapter 8 Test tomorrow

2.Reading Log

3.Word Work Book p.9

4.Scholastic News-Read and do p.4

5.Sign tests in Test Folder and return tomorrow

Homework June 11,2018

Posted on June 11, 2018
  1. Math-Study Chapter 8 Review Sheets

             Test Tomorrow

2.Spelling Test Tomorrow

3.Reading Log

4.Social Studies-Open book test due tomorrow

Homework June 7,2018

Posted on June 7, 2018

1.Math-Chapter Review Pages 595 and 598

2.Reading Log

3.Social Studies Project- pages 2 and 3

     Color Map and answer questions

4.Parents please sign S/S notebook

5.Early Dismissal Tomorrow

   please bring a snack

6.Free Dress Down Tomorrow

Homework June 6,2018

Posted on June 6, 2018

1.Math p.593,594

2.Reading Log

3.Spelling-Write words 9-12 3x each and use in a sentence

4.Word Work Book p.6

5.Friday-Early Dismissal 12 Noon

6.Please test folder and return tomorrow

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