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Homework June 12,2018

Posted on June 12, 2018

1.Math -Chapter 8 Test tomorrow

2.Reading Log

3.Word Work Book p.9

4.Scholastic News-Read and do p.4

5.Sign tests in Test Folder and return tomorrow

Homework June 11,2018

Posted on June 11, 2018
  1. Math-Study Chapter 8 Review Sheets

             Test Tomorrow

2.Spelling Test Tomorrow

3.Reading Log

4.Social Studies-Open book test due tomorrow

Homework June 7,2018

Posted on June 7, 2018

1.Math-Chapter Review Pages 595 and 598

2.Reading Log

3.Social Studies Project- pages 2 and 3

     Color Map and answer questions

4.Parents please sign S/S notebook

5.Early Dismissal Tomorrow

   please bring a snack

6.Free Dress Down Tomorrow

Homework June 6,2018

Posted on June 6, 2018

1.Math p.593,594

2.Reading Log

3.Spelling-Write words 9-12 3x each and use in a sentence

4.Word Work Book p.6

5.Friday-Early Dismissal 12 Noon

6.Please test folder and return tomorrow

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