Science– three questions, if they are not done. Write the answers in complete sentences in your notebook. 

17) In rabbits, the allele for a spotted coat is dominant over the allele for a solid colored coat. A spotted rabbit was crossed with a solid-colored rabbit. The offspring all had spotted coats. What were the genotypes of the parents? Explain. 

18) Suppose you are growing purebred green skinned watermelons. One day you find a mutant striped watermelon. You cross the striped watermelon with the purebred green watermelon. Fifty percent of the offspring are striped, while fifty percent are green. Is the allele for the striped trait dominant or recessive? Explain. 

19) A new mutation in mice causes the coat to be twice as thick as normal. In what environments would this mutation be helpful? 

Math-finish the questions in your notebook and the price comparison on a sheet of computer paper. 

Lit-read AR book and get AR sheet signed. Also, page 66, analyze the text. study the for test tomorrow. 

 SS-add two people to the chart