Science-finish # 4,5 under Part II and

                           #1, 2 under analyze and conclude.

#1. The traits listed under trait 1 in the data table are controlled by dominant alleles. (free ear lobes, hair on fingers, widow’s peak, curly hair, cleft chin, smile dimples) The traits listed under trait 2 are controlled by recessive alleles. (attached ear lobes, no hair on fingers, no widow’s peak, straight hair, smooth chin, no smile dimples) Which traits controlled by the dominant alleles were shown by a majority of students? Which traits controlled by recessive alleles were shown by a majority of students? 

#2-How many students ended up on the same number on the circle of traits? How many students were the only ones to have their number? What do the results suggest about each person’s combination of traits? 

                        The charts will be collected tomorrow.  

Math-finish up to #12 on the worksheet 

ELA-study for your test 

SS- Explain the causes of the French and Indian war in a paragraph in your notebook, get test signed  

Religion-test Friday 

Spanish-write the words five times each 

Music-test for those who didn’t take it 

Wednesday-Dress down for Breast Cancer awareness. Wear pink only.