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Homework                Wednesday Oct.9,2019

1.Math p.115 and 116

2.Reading-Know It, Show It p.37

3.Reading Log  

4.Trip to Alice in Wonderland 

   Wear gym uniform

   Bring snack


6.Friday- Early Dismissal 12:00

 7.Monday -Oct.14 Columbus Day-No School             





Review- Power Words

mess         market     sell          help

neighbors              set


Monday, October 7, 2019

1.Math p.97 and 98

2.Reading p.34 in Know It, Show It

3.Scholastic News- Read p.1-4 and do p.4

4.Reading Log

5.Reminders-Trip to Players Theatre on Thursday


                         Walk-aThon on Friday Oct.11,2019

                         Early Dismissal 12:00

6.Religion Test

Review-Short i Words

in              pig      sit      did       big

pin         fit        it        sip

High Frequency Words

are           buy    little     said

too         up    will     you


Thursday Oct. 3,2019

1.Math p.83

2.Reading-Read-Golly Went Sniffing

 In H W notebook-Choose 4 words  with the short i

and write it.

3.Reading Log

4.Religion-Chapter 1 Review Test

    Study for test on Tuesday

*In HW notebook

How can people care for all God’s creation?

*Draw a picture

Posted on October 15, 2019

Homework         Oct.15,2019

1.Math p.121 and 122

2.Reading-Know It ,Show It p.39

3.Scholastic News-Read p.1-4 Do p.4

4.reading Log

Big Idea Words

area     population     working

Power Words

community/ map/ town

places/ heart/ decorated

High Frequency Words

do/ live/ of/ our/ wants/ what /with/your

Spelling-Short O o words

log    not   top  hot  hop   on

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