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Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


     I will be giving your child a print out of their password for our reading program SuperKids  please check their folders for it.  You will need the password to log in to the website and have fun with the SuperKids we have seen so far in reading.  Please make sure that you use the SuperKids website.  I will be checking to make sure that the children are visiting it.  

     Every week your child visits the library and they take a book out.  Please read the book with them and make sure that the book is put back  into their school bags everyday. 

     Our classroom is used over the weekend and on Tuesdays. I will be sending home with your child their pencil cases on Tuesday and Friday.  Please make sure that the pencils cases come back to school on Monday and on Wednesday so that the children have them to use for work in the rooms. 

     Beginning this week I will be posting the homework , the spelling words, and other important information that you need to be aware of.  Please check this website often: www.stleocatholicacademy.org and open the link that says classes.  Then just go to my class and click on it to view the information that is posted.

Below you will find a link that has a list of the students in our class . If you would like your child to send a Christmas card to their friends.

CHRISTMAS SHOW ATTIRE:  Boys need to wear black pants with a white t-shirt  or long sleeve white shirt ( don’t forget 3 extra large  black buttons on the front of the shirt).  Girls need to wear a black skirt with a white t-shirt or long sleeve shirt ( don’t forget 3 extra large black buttons on the front of the shirt).

     The homework for this week is:

Monday Dec. 3:

Gym is tomorrow wear your gym uniform. 

Reading/ELA:  page 14 from Super kids Backpack book.

Spelling: review the words for the week:

where, what, why, when, which, who, cash, dash, crash, trash.

Math: a worksheet from chapter 3

Library is tomorrow please remember to bring in your library books

Tuesday Dec. 4:

Reading/ELA: page 15 from Super kids Backpack book

Spelling: put spelling words in ABC order.

Math: pages 135-136 from Go Math

Wednesday Dec. 5:

Reading/ELA: page 16 from Super kids Backpack book

Spelling: write a sentence for spelling word s 1 -5.

Math: a worksheet from chapter 3.

Thursday Dec. 6:

Reading/ELA: page 17 from Super kids Backpack book

Spelling: spelling test tomorrow.

Math: pages 141 – 142 from Go Math.

There is a half-day of school tomorrow.  Dismissal is at 11:30.

Friday Dec. 7: Dismissal is at 11:30 a.m. today.

Reading/ELA: No homework

Math: No homework

Class List